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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I've been busy for the past few days (weeks actually) - I've been doing Bikram Yoga everyday, our internet connection as been on and off, work is kind of getting toxic and stressful - but I'm not complaining! I've no time to blog or even think! (feeling ko lang yan..)

My Panget has told me countless of times that since I started Yoga - it was all I could talk about. Well, of course! That is what I have been doing for the past weeks! I just took the 30-day challenge wherein I have to attend yoga for 30 straigt days - without fail. I've been successful and it's my 12th day today. And so far so good! I always thought that as the days progress, things will get easier - but the opposite is happening! I'm having a harder time balancing, holding my poses andmore! But at the same time, I've seen improvements in my flexibility - when before I couldn't get my forehead to the floor - now I can! Yipee!! It's such an acheivement for me! My clothes do fit better now (feeling ko lang) but I know it's too early to tell if I indeed lost weight.

I'm loving every minute of Bikram Yoga. I enjoy it very much! I think that somehow I've become more at peace with myself, I don't get to rush anything - things just flow the way they should (sans sudden emotional outbursts, hehehe..)

Here's to more of Bikram Yoga!! Cheers!

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