The Wicker Man - such a waste of time..

Monday, September 18, 2006

Saw this last night - gosh, what the hell was it all about? I didn't get it at all. I had to have the SIL of my Panget explain it to me so I would understand the movie. I was wondering though - since it was a Nic Cage movie with appearances of Aaron Eckhart, James Franco, Lee Lee Sobeiski and Ellen Burstyn - I thought the movie was doing to be good. Unfortunately - it wasn't. It was a really bad movie - I guess because I really didn't get what the movie was all about!

But to save the night from disaster - we headed to Mien San for dinner. It's located along Gilmore Avenue/Ortigas Avenue just right after Santolan Road. They serve authentic (daw) Taiwanese cuisine. Their noodle soups, dry noodle, and dumplings are really good! It's also easy on the budgegt. A full meal for 3 people will cost you roughly P480.00. As my mom would say in fookien 'Wu siok, wu kiok!' (cheap yet a good deal)

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