Remembering 9/11

Friday, September 08, 2006

Where were you when you heard of the attack? This is one of the instances in a person's life that one will forever remember. Where you were, what you were doing that exact same moment. We all won't ever forget that tragedy.

I remember it was a Tuesday or a Thursday night, I know it because it was a massage night and I was going to have one that night - I was in my mom's room and we turned on the TV. We were flipping through the channels and then we saw dark smoke coming out of one of the buildings of the WTC towers. My mom asked me what movie that was, I was confused because I knew the channel was not a movie channel but a news channel. I told her CNN - and we watched in disbelief on what occured next. We thought that it was just an accident. Maybe the plane was already in trouble that's why it accidentally hit one of the towers.

For sure everyone was glued to their TV sets. I remember clearly - I was texting friends on what was happening. Some were kidding that it was just a movie, others were saying that it was the start of the third world war. I kept on telling my mom that it was like we were just watching a bad movie - and she agreed. When the 2nd plane hit - we knew it was something different. Something terrible has happened - my mom and I started praying silently. We were astonished, shocked and confused at the same time. What has happened? No network seemed to give a straight reply! It was all subjective. No one had an idea on what was happening. Then suddenly - news that of a third plane crashing near the Pentagon flashed. Somebody was trying to do terror on US soil - and right in their face.

To think that our views of the US being an untouchable superpower - they were powerless right that moment. They were shocked as we were shocked. I told my mom that the US being a superpower - they should have known one way or another - they should have prepared! I was getting angry and impatient - it was as if I was a victim in this, when in reality, I was merely a spectator. I could not believe what was happening - I didn't want to believe that everything that was happening was for real. I could not accept what happened.

Until the next day - I carried it with me. I remember clearly to where I was and who I was with. I was with Shirley and Jones - I don't remember though what we were doing - I just remember us being together and I was bringing them home from somewhere. The next thing I remember was thinking of my friend Martin - who was actually in New York that exact time since he won an MTV trip to watch the VMA's in the US. I was kind of worried but thought that he might be back here. I tried calling him but he wasn't picking up. After a week, I spoke to him and he confirmed that he was there when it happened. He just came out from the subway en route to the WTC and upon reaching the streets - people were running to one direction - when they asked what was happening - people were pointing up to the tower. When they saw what had happened - they too ran on the similar direction. It was horryifying and scary, one that he will never truly forget. It was a good thing though that they weren't early - or else, the unthinkable might have happened.

It's been 5 years. Five long years - and what has it lead to? A war in Iraq, the constant search for Osama Bin Laden, the capture and death of the 2nd in command of Al-Queda, Dubya winning his second term in office, and much more. Will there ever be justice?


  1. I was at home-- updating my journal when CNN flashed it all.

    I hate to recall it.
    Heavy feelings.

  2. yeah, diba?
    so disturbing that it stays with you... :(