My Panget's SE P990i

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SE P990i

I wasn't allowed to post the pictures and an entry last Monday because my Panget has still not given a press release to his friends that he already owns the new (and highly coveted) Sony Ericsson P990i. Yes, it was bought on impulse, and yes - I did not convince him otherwise. My Panget has been waiting for this phone more than a year now. He has been raving all about it since gawd knows when! And when finally - it arrived, he was all smiles and getting impulsive as the days passed. He always challenged on getting it right away, and foturnately - he was able to control himself. But last Sunday - it was different - we visited the Globe shop in Podium and when we asked if they had the phone on stock - well, yes they did - all hell broke loose and the rest? Well, the rest was history.

I insisted to take this picture..

Have fun Panget! Enjoy your new phone! :)


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