Montecito: Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Monday, September 25, 2006

When I first saw this show, I thought that the Montecito Resort & Casino was a real casino. I thought maybe it was new and it just recently started its operations. But when I searched it on the internet - my search came empty handed. No such casino exists!

When I visited Metrowalk last Friday, my Panget and I went to our friend Imma's suki for DVD's and while rummaging through her stacks of DVDs - I found the season 1-3 of Las Vegas (the series). At first, I was skeptical - but when I learned of the price of each DVD - I immediately handed it to Wheng (the nice lady who owns the stall) and I was really excited to watch it. As my Panget told me when we got to the car - 'May isang taong hindi na matutulog!' 'Someone's going to be up all night!' And he got it right - because I couldn't sleep!! I was hooked on watching it episode after episode. And last night - at about 2:00am I finished the first season's finale - and to top it off, I saw at least 3 more episodes of the 2nd season! Yes, I am hooked on this show and tonight after gym - I will go and watch this till the wee hours of the night!

The cast is headed by the veteran James Caan - Mr. Sonny Corleone himself! It was like going back to his roots! Sans too much drama - he was also funny in some of his movies! Despite age - Jimmy Caan exudes the same passion in acting - like when he was younger! He's still very very good!

I first saw Josh Duhamel in the movie 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' co-starring Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace( I love him too!) To be honest, I never liked Josh Duhamel - but after watching the first season- he grows on you - now I find him irrisistingly adorable!! A sudden change huh?! Well, attribute it to finishing 1 whole season in just 2 days! Haha!! Well, he's really bagay/'fit' with the role - I can't imagine someone else who'll fit perfectly!

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