Hakot at the Aranaz Sale

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kath, is my ever reliable shopping buddy - with her, EVERYTHING is possible. Yes, everything! Imagine shopping amidst the snow in Beijing's outdoor Silk Market! We were literally holdoing on to one another for dear life since we were both slpping because of the ice on the pavement!! When everyone else wanted to laze around the apartment, she was the only one who went shopping with me to get a bag that I so desired. She will forver be one of my 'perfect' shopping buddies!

Just the other day, she sent me a text message informing me of the Aranaz Bag sale - the items will be priced from Php500.00 up. Not a bad deal for Aranaz bag right? And so we spoke and agreed to go together first thing in the morning Saturday. She specifically told me to be at her house early so that we will reach the store at exactly 10:00 in the morning. She says that she wants to have a look at the goods on sale and not be left with 'leftovers'.

For the 2nd time this month - I was forced to wake up earlier than expected. I woke up at 8:30am (on a Saturday morning) dressed up and proceeded to Kath's house. I got there on-time and I was greeted by the cutie Prince Oreo (a Shiba Inu). We then waited for her sister Tina to get done and thius left the house to go to the Aranaz store in City Golf, Mandaluyong.

When we got there, we were expecting to be the first ones on site. Unfortunately, we were the 3rd group to arrive. Upon entering the store premises, Kath immediately grabs a bag from the floor - Ganyan sha kabilis! She's literally THAT fast! She held on to it until we finished sifting through the numerous bags displayed on the floor.

I will not divulge the number of bags we bought - but I tell you, a girl can NEVER have enough bags. Go figure! Thanks Kath and Tina for being with me and for texting me of the sale. Love you guys, and as for the bags - Love it!!

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