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Thursday, September 21, 2006

I never really realized how young I was amidst my Panget's group. Well, you see last night, we had a baby shower dinner for my Panget's college friend Tricia. Its her second pregnancy and her he's having another a girl (again). We had dinner at Gulliver's in Quezon Avenue - unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our meals - they tasted fantastic by the way.

During the dinner, my Panget's friends (which were all girls) got to talk - they were talking about their kids, pre-school, giving birth and a lot more 'mommy' topics. All of them gave their respective opinions on each topic, while I was just sitting there intenly listening to them. The topics ranged from being pregnant, taking care of sick kids, yaya's day off, ob-gyn's, hospitals to give birth in, pediatricians, good pre-schools, good schools, entrance tests and more.

It was just then that I realized - I was in a group that has matured about 3 levels above me. They were talking sense to one another - while I on the other hand, had an eyebrow raised! I was telling my Panget that I've never been involved in a group conversation wherein I was only listening and I couldn't give inputs! There were even instances wherein I has my mouth open for about 10 seconds because I was shocked! I never thought pre-school tuition was that high?! Whoa!

It was 4 years ago that I met all of them:
- Barbs & Coco were still trying to conceive, now Hans is already turning 3 this month
- Eleanor & Jerome just got married, now they have a 1 year old daughter, Justine
- Tricia & Adrian had a cutie daughter Julia, now Tricia is carrying their 2nd daughter
- Julie & Paul were still dating then, now they're married and just recently celebrated the 1st birthday of their daughter Katie
- Grace & Francis were still based here in Manila, now they're in New Zeland and Grace is 5months pregnant.

Time flies huh?!

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