Cafe Ysabel

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whenever dinner is nearing (and it's a weekend) - my Panget and I are usually drained out with thinking of where to eat. This has been a big problem since we got together. It seems - our minds have run out of thinking of where to eat! We've exhausted all our efforts to think of a place to eat that we've resorted to asking the ever reliable - Kath to help us out. Kath, has been very patient with us, especially when we randomly call her out of the blue (meaning in the middle of the night) to ask where to eat at a certain area. And last night - was no exception. We asked for a good resto in the Greenhills - Ortigas - Pasig area. All I could think about was Cafe Juanita in Pasig! But my Panget insisted on eating somewhere else. Kath told us to try out Cyma - at the 5/F of the Shangri-La Mall - but that was the place where I ate at the night before with my college buddies. And so we were left with no choice but maybe to settle for QC food - an a few seconds came the brilliant idea. Cafe Ysabel. Yes, the ever reliable restaurant - not so bad food, not so expensive price, not too shabby of an ambiance. And so we headed to Cafe Ysable. My Panget was already thinking of what to order, I assume it'll be the steak he ate here ages ago. He doesn't forget those places where he's had great yummy steaks. When we got there, the place was empty. We were the only ones who were seated in the whole area. SInce we were alone, the place looked scary - it was like the place was taken out right out from a Tagalog Horror flick (memories if Sukob comes to mind)!! We then proceeded to look at the menu given to us by the ever courteous and attentive ALEX. My Panget ordered Frog Legs to start off our meal, I on the otherhand ordered the seafood soup. When it was time to order the main course, I was stumped!! Literally, I did not know what to order. And so I opted to just order the Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich - what a choice right? Well, my mind and tummy were not working hand-in-hand this time. Damn! My Panget on the otherhand chose to order a Hanger Steak - it was supposed to be the part of the throat of the cow. He wanted to give it a try - for a change since he always gets rib-eye steaks. When his meal arrived - the steak looked huge and thick! I was amazed on the thickness! I never in my whole life here in the Philippines seen that thick of a steak! Since I was amazed to see the steak, I took a picture of it. I apologize for the amateurness of the image, as I am no professional photographer - I try but unfortunately, I guess I do not have 'the' gift.

One more thing, they were serving this bread that smelled heavenly and tastes delicious. I bought myself a take-home order to give to my mom who absolutely adores breads.

Till the next Cafe Ysable moment!!

Tata! :)


  1. Hi deanne! It's located in P. Guevarra, San Juan.

  2. Now that is a STEAK! Were he able to finish everything? Now I'm HUNGRY!