Baking again..

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yesterday, I was up at 9:00am - yes, I was up unbelievably early again. Why? Well, I wanted to try out the delicious Apple Crisp recipe I got from the Baking Demo I attended, and so I had to be up early to prepare! I think after the Baking Demo with the Master herself - Lori Baltazar, I again had the urge to bake.. :) Thanks Lori!! :)

I started quite late since I was dilly dallying and playing around with the dogs. Don't worry - I'm quite OC thus, I've washed my hands numerous times before baking the Apple Crisp. And the verdict? It was wonderful! Quite sweet, but nevertheless - wonderful! I loved it! I don't eat what I bake - but this time - I'm eating it until the last crumb!! I love it!! (Thanks to Glo!!)

I had to give my Panget a small portion - and he liked it. Although he commented that 'Matamis na yung loob, matamis pa yung labas, kaya matamis!' Ang labo right? Well, since I followed the recipe, I think I need to lessen the sugar for the apples on my next try.


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