Lost for words?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've been wanting to post an entry since this morning - but it seems that I'm at a loss for words right now. Somehow, I could't decided what to write about. My mind is currently swimming in circles - there is no certain direction, nothing to go forward with.

This is the first time in a long time. People who know me will not believe this - but truly - my train of though - nada.......

Maybe this is the result of watching too much Tv for the past 5 days.

Enough TV for the week? Nah! After I finish the 3rd season of my current fave TV show - maybe a hiatus for about a week. Maybe.

By the way... Cubie- thanks so much for the hand butter and lip butter. I LOVE THEM!! They're really super nice!! The hand butter - I actually used it on my dry heels!! Thanks for being so sweet Cubie!!

Josh Duhamel - my new TV crush

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Imagine speaking to him - face to face. Won't your knees go weak instantly? Couple it with this smile, dammit! He's so dreamy!!

This begets too much watching Las Vegas.

Dreamy huh?!


The last TV crush that I had was back in the days where That's Entertainment was still showing. Do not ask me who - because for sure I will never disclose it!!

Just look at him smiling - well, yeah - that's all I can think about as of the moment.

To my Panget - don't get mad - crush lang ito ah.. Crush... :)

The Class

Got this from the tv.com site:

In this CBS comedy created by David Crane (Friends), and Jeffrey Klarik (Mad About You), a group of twenty-somethings who were third-grade classmates are reunited at a surprise party 20 years later. What will happen when they find out what each other's lives are like now?

The cast includes Jason Ritter as Ethan Haas, who planned the reunion of his fellow classmates, and who is crazy about his fiancé; Heather Goldenhersh as Lina Warbler, who truly believes in love, although she doesn't have that much luck in it; Lizzy Caplan as Kat Warbler, Lina's twin-sister, a cynical and sarcastical person; Jon Bernthal as Duncan Carmello, who still lives with his mother (Julie Halston); Sean Maguire as Kyle Lendo, a man that every girl had a crush during high school, but now he is living with his boyfriend Aaron. Jesse Tyler Ferguson portraits Richie, a unhappy man who's life hasn't treated him well since high school. Lucy Punch plays Holly Ellenbogen, a married woman who wants to have her revenge on Kyle. She's married to Perry Pearl (Sam Harris). Andrea Anders plays Nicole Allen, Yonk Allen's (David keith) trophy wife, who was once in love with Duncan.

Montecito: Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Monday, September 25, 2006

When I first saw this show, I thought that the Montecito Resort & Casino was a real casino. I thought maybe it was new and it just recently started its operations. But when I searched it on the internet - my search came empty handed. No such casino exists!

When I visited Metrowalk last Friday, my Panget and I went to our friend Imma's suki for DVD's and while rummaging through her stacks of DVDs - I found the season 1-3 of Las Vegas (the series). At first, I was skeptical - but when I learned of the price of each DVD - I immediately handed it to Wheng (the nice lady who owns the stall) and I was really excited to watch it. As my Panget told me when we got to the car - 'May isang taong hindi na matutulog!' 'Someone's going to be up all night!' And he got it right - because I couldn't sleep!! I was hooked on watching it episode after episode. And last night - at about 2:00am I finished the first season's finale - and to top it off, I saw at least 3 more episodes of the 2nd season! Yes, I am hooked on this show and tonight after gym - I will go and watch this till the wee hours of the night!

The cast is headed by the veteran James Caan - Mr. Sonny Corleone himself! It was like going back to his roots! Sans too much drama - he was also funny in some of his movies! Despite age - Jimmy Caan exudes the same passion in acting - like when he was younger! He's still very very good!

I first saw Josh Duhamel in the movie 'Win a Date with Tad Hamilton' co-starring Kate Bosworth and Topher Grace( I love him too!) To be honest, I never liked Josh Duhamel - but after watching the first season- he grows on you - now I find him irrisistingly adorable!! A sudden change huh?! Well, attribute it to finishing 1 whole season in just 2 days! Haha!! Well, he's really bagay/'fit' with the role - I can't imagine someone else who'll fit perfectly!

Friday, September 22, 2006

I just looooooove looking at them!!
The look really really really good together..


Eye Opener..

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I never really realized how young I was amidst my Panget's group. Well, you see last night, we had a baby shower dinner for my Panget's college friend Tricia. Its her second pregnancy and her he's having another a girl (again). We had dinner at Gulliver's in Quezon Avenue - unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of our meals - they tasted fantastic by the way.

During the dinner, my Panget's friends (which were all girls) got to talk - they were talking about their kids, pre-school, giving birth and a lot more 'mommy' topics. All of them gave their respective opinions on each topic, while I was just sitting there intenly listening to them. The topics ranged from being pregnant, taking care of sick kids, yaya's day off, ob-gyn's, hospitals to give birth in, pediatricians, good pre-schools, good schools, entrance tests and more.

It was just then that I realized - I was in a group that has matured about 3 levels above me. They were talking sense to one another - while I on the other hand, had an eyebrow raised! I was telling my Panget that I've never been involved in a group conversation wherein I was only listening and I couldn't give inputs! There were even instances wherein I has my mouth open for about 10 seconds because I was shocked! I never thought pre-school tuition was that high?! Whoa!

It was 4 years ago that I met all of them:
- Barbs & Coco were still trying to conceive, now Hans is already turning 3 this month
- Eleanor & Jerome just got married, now they have a 1 year old daughter, Justine
- Tricia & Adrian had a cutie daughter Julia, now Tricia is carrying their 2nd daughter
- Julie & Paul were still dating then, now they're married and just recently celebrated the 1st birthday of their daughter Katie
- Grace & Francis were still based here in Manila, now they're in New Zeland and Grace is 5months pregnant.

Time flies huh?!

Baby BOOM!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Congratulations to my 2 friends who are pregnant..

May you be blessed with healthy and ultra cute babies!! :)

Can't wait to see them!! :)

The Twilight Zone

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!"

I have been a fan of this series since I was little! I could still remember bits and pieces of the show! There was this certain epsiode where a mannequin was invilved and eventually the lead of that episode became a mannequin in the end as well. During my lastest visit to Metrowalk - I was able to find the Season 1 of the 2002's revival of the series. I was eagerly making pigil to get it, but what won was the fact that I loved the show and it was not super expensive. When I got home, I immediately watched a couple of episodes. And just last night - I was done watching all 43 episodes.. and what can I say - Rod Serling - I am kowtowing now - you are indeed beyond brilliant!

How I wish I can still find the 50's black & white episodes plus the 80's ones...

The Wicker Man - such a waste of time..

Monday, September 18, 2006

Saw this last night - gosh, what the hell was it all about? I didn't get it at all. I had to have the SIL of my Panget explain it to me so I would understand the movie. I was wondering though - since it was a Nic Cage movie with appearances of Aaron Eckhart, James Franco, Lee Lee Sobeiski and Ellen Burstyn - I thought the movie was doing to be good. Unfortunately - it wasn't. It was a really bad movie - I guess because I really didn't get what the movie was all about!

But to save the night from disaster - we headed to Mien San for dinner. It's located along Gilmore Avenue/Ortigas Avenue just right after Santolan Road. They serve authentic (daw) Taiwanese cuisine. Their noodle soups, dry noodle, and dumplings are really good! It's also easy on the budgegt. A full meal for 3 people will cost you roughly P480.00. As my mom would say in fookien 'Wu siok, wu kiok!' (cheap yet a good deal)

My Panget's SE P990i

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

SE P990i

I wasn't allowed to post the pictures and an entry last Monday because my Panget has still not given a press release to his friends that he already owns the new (and highly coveted) Sony Ericsson P990i. Yes, it was bought on impulse, and yes - I did not convince him otherwise. My Panget has been waiting for this phone more than a year now. He has been raving all about it since gawd knows when! And when finally - it arrived, he was all smiles and getting impulsive as the days passed. He always challenged on getting it right away, and foturnately - he was able to control himself. But last Sunday - it was different - we visited the Globe shop in Podium and when we asked if they had the phone on stock - well, yes they did - all hell broke loose and the rest? Well, the rest was history.

I insisted to take this picture..

Have fun Panget! Enjoy your new phone! :)


Definitely seeing RED!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is my first attempt in capturing food images.
forgive the amateur-ness as they were taken by my SE K750i

Chilean Seabass

Black Cod

Mango Cheesecake

I was invited by my friend to have lunch in RED at the Makati Shangri-La. It was quite weird since I am familiar with the hotel, I never got the chance to sample the dishes in the said restaurant. To be honest, I've never heard of anyone rave on this restaurant, but since it looked promising - I kept an open mind. The bread smelled heavenly - it had bacon bits and some nuts! The butter and tomato spread were great because they went away with the oridnary butter. We were then served with the appetizers, and guess what we had! Foie Gras Creme Brulee - it was fan-tastic! Absolutely, delicious. I couldn't even find the words to describe it - it was THAT good! Wow! (I seldom say that wow, wow!) The plating was eye catching and at the same time practical. They were served in long narrow plates which you can put in the center of the table - to share with your friends.

The Seabass and the Black Cod were all delicious! I never thought you could cook cod they way they did!! :) The concept was brilliant and so was the taste!! We were able to meet the executive chef and he was telling us that he had a free hand at changing the menu - good huh?! He seemed very nice, cheery, sincere and very passionate with food. That's definitely a good trait for a chef!

I will definitely go back!! (I hope.. Soon!)

Baking again..

Monday, September 11, 2006

Yesterday, I was up at 9:00am - yes, I was up unbelievably early again. Why? Well, I wanted to try out the delicious Apple Crisp recipe I got from the Baking Demo I attended, and so I had to be up early to prepare! I think after the Baking Demo with the Master herself - Lori Baltazar, I again had the urge to bake.. :) Thanks Lori!! :)

I started quite late since I was dilly dallying and playing around with the dogs. Don't worry - I'm quite OC thus, I've washed my hands numerous times before baking the Apple Crisp. And the verdict? It was wonderful! Quite sweet, but nevertheless - wonderful! I loved it! I don't eat what I bake - but this time - I'm eating it until the last crumb!! I love it!! (Thanks to Glo!!)

I had to give my Panget a small portion - and he liked it. Although he commented that 'Matamis na yung loob, matamis pa yung labas, kaya matamis!' Ang labo right? Well, since I followed the recipe, I think I need to lessen the sugar for the apples on my next try.


Hakot at the Aranaz Sale

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Kath, is my ever reliable shopping buddy - with her, EVERYTHING is possible. Yes, everything! Imagine shopping amidst the snow in Beijing's outdoor Silk Market! We were literally holdoing on to one another for dear life since we were both slpping because of the ice on the pavement!! When everyone else wanted to laze around the apartment, she was the only one who went shopping with me to get a bag that I so desired. She will forver be one of my 'perfect' shopping buddies!

Just the other day, she sent me a text message informing me of the Aranaz Bag sale - the items will be priced from Php500.00 up. Not a bad deal for Aranaz bag right? And so we spoke and agreed to go together first thing in the morning Saturday. She specifically told me to be at her house early so that we will reach the store at exactly 10:00 in the morning. She says that she wants to have a look at the goods on sale and not be left with 'leftovers'.

For the 2nd time this month - I was forced to wake up earlier than expected. I woke up at 8:30am (on a Saturday morning) dressed up and proceeded to Kath's house. I got there on-time and I was greeted by the cutie Prince Oreo (a Shiba Inu). We then waited for her sister Tina to get done and thius left the house to go to the Aranaz store in City Golf, Mandaluyong.

When we got there, we were expecting to be the first ones on site. Unfortunately, we were the 3rd group to arrive. Upon entering the store premises, Kath immediately grabs a bag from the floor - Ganyan sha kabilis! She's literally THAT fast! She held on to it until we finished sifting through the numerous bags displayed on the floor.

I will not divulge the number of bags we bought - but I tell you, a girl can NEVER have enough bags. Go figure! Thanks Kath and Tina for being with me and for texting me of the sale. Love you guys, and as for the bags - Love it!!

Remembering 9/11

Friday, September 08, 2006

Where were you when you heard of the attack? This is one of the instances in a person's life that one will forever remember. Where you were, what you were doing that exact same moment. We all won't ever forget that tragedy.

I remember it was a Tuesday or a Thursday night, I know it because it was a massage night and I was going to have one that night - I was in my mom's room and we turned on the TV. We were flipping through the channels and then we saw dark smoke coming out of one of the buildings of the WTC towers. My mom asked me what movie that was, I was confused because I knew the channel was not a movie channel but a news channel. I told her CNN - and we watched in disbelief on what occured next. We thought that it was just an accident. Maybe the plane was already in trouble that's why it accidentally hit one of the towers.

For sure everyone was glued to their TV sets. I remember clearly - I was texting friends on what was happening. Some were kidding that it was just a movie, others were saying that it was the start of the third world war. I kept on telling my mom that it was like we were just watching a bad movie - and she agreed. When the 2nd plane hit - we knew it was something different. Something terrible has happened - my mom and I started praying silently. We were astonished, shocked and confused at the same time. What has happened? No network seemed to give a straight reply! It was all subjective. No one had an idea on what was happening. Then suddenly - news that of a third plane crashing near the Pentagon flashed. Somebody was trying to do terror on US soil - and right in their face.

To think that our views of the US being an untouchable superpower - they were powerless right that moment. They were shocked as we were shocked. I told my mom that the US being a superpower - they should have known one way or another - they should have prepared! I was getting angry and impatient - it was as if I was a victim in this, when in reality, I was merely a spectator. I could not believe what was happening - I didn't want to believe that everything that was happening was for real. I could not accept what happened.

Until the next day - I carried it with me. I remember clearly to where I was and who I was with. I was with Shirley and Jones - I don't remember though what we were doing - I just remember us being together and I was bringing them home from somewhere. The next thing I remember was thinking of my friend Martin - who was actually in New York that exact time since he won an MTV trip to watch the VMA's in the US. I was kind of worried but thought that he might be back here. I tried calling him but he wasn't picking up. After a week, I spoke to him and he confirmed that he was there when it happened. He just came out from the subway en route to the WTC and upon reaching the streets - people were running to one direction - when they asked what was happening - people were pointing up to the tower. When they saw what had happened - they too ran on the similar direction. It was horryifying and scary, one that he will never truly forget. It was a good thing though that they weren't early - or else, the unthinkable might have happened.

It's been 5 years. Five long years - and what has it lead to? A war in Iraq, the constant search for Osama Bin Laden, the capture and death of the 2nd in command of Al-Queda, Dubya winning his second term in office, and much more. Will there ever be justice?

Four years ago Today..

For years ago today, I was on my way to Beijing to study Mandarin. It wa the first time in my entire life that I will be away from my family annd friends. I've made this decision of leaving while I was still in 2nd year High School. I swore that after college, I will go o Beijing to learn Mandarin. And I did.

Four years ago today, I met some great people who I now consider great friends because of the bond that we shared while in Beijing. We were all together to witness the growth of one another. And I am proud to say that up until now - we're still the same Dong Wang girls.

Happy 4th Anniversary to our Friendship, girls!! I love you all!!

Happy 4th Anniversary to the Beijing Chickens... :)

I miss Dong Wang , I miss Beijing, I miss the HotPot restaurant behind the Canadian Embassy, I miss the Gong Bao Ji Tin, I miss everything there...

They have finally arrived!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

After waiting for about 2 weeks! My scissor type nippers have arrived!!! :)
I will not harrow anymore whenever I need to cut out excess skin from my fingers cause theses babies are the best nippers ever!! I swear, they really are!!

This is what they look like:

For those interested, I have a couple I can sell to you guys..


Goodbye Pork!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My quest to lose weight has led me to cut rice out of my diet. I've tried SBD and was successful, not I am giving up Pork. Yes, you read it right. My ever bright and wonderful brother has suggested this to me last week, he said that since I was able to successfully cut rice out - the next good thing was to cut either Beef or Pork. This was a no brainer since I am now a fan of beef! So pork was the most obvious choice. No more porkchops, pork siomai, spareribs, spam, asado, liempo, adobo, pata-tim and a whole lot more! But despite all these mouthwatering dishes, I know I can do it. I believe I can do it!

Wish me luck guys!! :)

Goodbye Pork!! :)

Cafe Ysabel

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Whenever dinner is nearing (and it's a weekend) - my Panget and I are usually drained out with thinking of where to eat. This has been a big problem since we got together. It seems - our minds have run out of thinking of where to eat! We've exhausted all our efforts to think of a place to eat that we've resorted to asking the ever reliable - Kath to help us out. Kath, has been very patient with us, especially when we randomly call her out of the blue (meaning in the middle of the night) to ask where to eat at a certain area. And last night - was no exception. We asked for a good resto in the Greenhills - Ortigas - Pasig area. All I could think about was Cafe Juanita in Pasig! But my Panget insisted on eating somewhere else. Kath told us to try out Cyma - at the 5/F of the Shangri-La Mall - but that was the place where I ate at the night before with my college buddies. And so we were left with no choice but maybe to settle for QC food - an a few seconds came the brilliant idea. Cafe Ysabel. Yes, the ever reliable restaurant - not so bad food, not so expensive price, not too shabby of an ambiance. And so we headed to Cafe Ysable. My Panget was already thinking of what to order, I assume it'll be the steak he ate here ages ago. He doesn't forget those places where he's had great yummy steaks. When we got there, the place was empty. We were the only ones who were seated in the whole area. SInce we were alone, the place looked scary - it was like the place was taken out right out from a Tagalog Horror flick (memories if Sukob comes to mind)!! We then proceeded to look at the menu given to us by the ever courteous and attentive ALEX. My Panget ordered Frog Legs to start off our meal, I on the otherhand ordered the seafood soup. When it was time to order the main course, I was stumped!! Literally, I did not know what to order. And so I opted to just order the Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich - what a choice right? Well, my mind and tummy were not working hand-in-hand this time. Damn! My Panget on the otherhand chose to order a Hanger Steak - it was supposed to be the part of the throat of the cow. He wanted to give it a try - for a change since he always gets rib-eye steaks. When his meal arrived - the steak looked huge and thick! I was amazed on the thickness! I never in my whole life here in the Philippines seen that thick of a steak! Since I was amazed to see the steak, I took a picture of it. I apologize for the amateurness of the image, as I am no professional photographer - I try but unfortunately, I guess I do not have 'the' gift.

One more thing, they were serving this bread that smelled heavenly and tastes delicious. I bought myself a take-home order to give to my mom who absolutely adores breads.

Till the next Cafe Ysable moment!!

Tata! :)

Whatta weekend!

Monday, September 04, 2006

This is the first weekend ever - that I was not able to wake-up late! It was such a hectic weekend for me, but nevertheless - I enjoyed every minute of it!!:)

Saturday - Well, I got up at 9:30am because of a text message I received from Shirley and Carol - asking me to contact them (somehow) we had a problem of who was going to check-in at Astoria. Well, it's along story - and to cut it short - we had 'the' best discount ever and I was able to check-in. Don't ask me how I did it, bottom line was - I did it! (again..) my Panget told me the night before that he was going to pick me up at 11:00am sharp. Knowing that I take my time in bathing and fixing up - he demanded that I should be ready by 11:00am. And I was - I was telling myself to hasten whatever it was I was doing - and by 10:45am I was done. I'd already brought my overnight and gym bag down, the gift was already wrapped - everything was already done. And I waited. Waited until about 11:30am - my Panget was late. Hay naku! He just said that he fell asleep. Whatever!!!!! hahaha.. We then proceeded to the GHW Clubhouse for the first birthday (party) of Julie and Paul's daughter Katie (full name Jessica Katrine) When we got there, the place was already packed! They clubhouse was really full!! my Panget and I proceeded to say hello to some of our friends and of course, the celebrant and her parents! The party ended at about 3:00pm, the kids had fun - well because of the superb magician and bubble show courtesy of our very own friend Imma of Kidstar Kastles!

After the party, my Panget, Shirley and I went to pick up the naughty cake for that night's bridal shower for Mira at the Kink Cakes Wilson store. The cake looked okay - but it smelled great!! We then went to Astoria Plaza to check-in into the suite that was reserved for us. The place was big - but it was kind of old - not old old but not too modern as well, we were quite shocked to find that there was a mircrowave and a stove, plus cooking utensils which we were free to use! Nice noh?! We then watched Kung Fu Hustle to kill time. After the movie - Shirley and I got to talk about her plans for her big day next year, the next thing we know - it was already time to go to Shangri-La mall to meet Carissa and the future Mrs. Ramirez - Mira. There was one hitch though - the place was still not decorated yet. We were all waiting for Gue to arrive since she had all the naughty balloons in tow. We had dinner in Cyma - the food was okay, it was something different and it was Greek!! :) The Bridal shower went well, and we had a lot of fun.. :) You know what I mean! :) Gue slept early, Cherry too! I slept at about 3:30am while Shirley, Carol, and Mira - they slept I think at about 4:00am+!!

Sunday - we had to wake-up early because we had an appointment with The Picture Company in Podium. We were having our pictorials (the first ever!) Our photographer was Chelle - she was really nice - one of the nicest people I've ever met! It seemed that she does'nt have any 'irritating' bone - if you know what I mean - she was just all smiles helping us out and all. Nice diba? :) Good thing - everyone was game during the shoot!! :) I'm really excited to see the hard copies!!

As for the pics during the shower party - I'll wait for Shirley to burn them and I'll post them here as soon as I get hold of them.