Thursday, August 10, 2006

Believe it or not - I'm excersizing. It started Monday last week, I was with my Panget and his brother - I did cardio on the TRANSPORT for 20 minutes! The next day - I did it again, and again just last Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I can't wait to hit the gym again today or tomorrow! Can you believe it? I can't!! Imagine - that's 30minutes of just doing the transport. The secret to staying on that long for an uber lazy-to-move person like me? I pray the rosary while doing cardio. Yes, I'm hitting two birds with one stone! Getting fit physically while getting fit spiritually! My Panget has noticed that I'm the one whi takes the initiative and tells him to hit the gym! Well, I guess since I'm just starting out the 'tamad' phase hasn't kicked off yet. YET!! Maybe in a few weeks - let's see!! If I could just go at it everyday - I WOULD!!!!

This rosary praying while on the Trasport started when kids of my Panget's neighbors were getting nosy and noisy - they kept on giggling and trying to exercise (they're 5-6yo). So to keep my mind off them - I turned to praying. What's ironic about it is that - the kids are Muslim. Weird huh?!

Wish me luck!! I need all the encouragement! My goal is that when my Panget's brother comes back home - I should have at least lost some weight!! Dammit!! :)

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