Thursday, August 17, 2006

I've always been intrigued by this game. I've tried to understand on my own how the game is played. Unfortunately - NOTHING GOOD CAME OUT OF IT. I was more confused than when I started!

Then one Poker night - Andy the giant handed me a Sudoku book - he tried explaining it to me. I owe it to Andy the giant - I did understand what he was explaining - the thing was - I couldn't solve the puzzle on hand even if it was easy. - too many distractions!! The next day however - I bought myself a kid's Sudoku puzzle book. This was suggested to my by Annie, Andy the giant's wife. Good idea right? GREAT IDEA!! Start slowy and progress to the higher levels. And so I bought the puzzle book being distributed by Emerald Headway - by the way - ang mahal ah!! Hindi sha cheap!!

That night - I tried solving one puzzle. In 30 minutes - I WAS DONE!! I couldn't believe it. But what I couldn't believe more was - I SOLVED THE PUZZLE correctly!! Damn!! That's the first time it happened! Of course, out of sheer joy and exhiliration - texted my Panget - to which he offered me a warm congratulatory text message (ang babaw ko noh?!)

Just a while ago - I found this site that explained further on how to solve the puzzle. Dammit! If I just saw this before! I could have just been addicted - earlier!! Hahahaha... :)


  1. SUDOKU, a very interesting game. I could not manage to solve it also. At first I was confused of the mechanics, too. But, like you, I was taught by a friend. Yan yung lagi naming nilalaro pag free time. The Philippine Daily Inquirer has a SUDOKU section.

    By the way, this is stunted from GTALK. Nakita ko link mo dun sa GBloggers na thread. I will link you up. :)

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