I'll miss you TRAPS!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Last night - Traps - one of the puppies of Jenna & Jacob - was not feeling well, he wasn't his usual self which was makulit. He was still walking around though, but kind of not his makulit self. When I noticed that - I brought him to my room to sleep - so at least I could watch him. After a while - he was throwing up - nothing actually since it was just goo and saliva. I prepared water and sugar with salt - and he drank it parin.

This morning he was nalalanta na - still he drank hydrite! Ang bait diba? He didn't even try to spit it out. He was just swallowing the water.

My mom and I decided to bring him to the office so we can take care of him and watch him closely. then things got busy - although once in a while - we'd look into how he was. He was just fine - trying to sleep and get out of the box we put him in.

Then during the noon break - I was wondering where he was and how he was. There he was - lifeless - I touched him to check if he was breathing - he wasn't - I said out loud 'Ma! Patay na ata si Traps!' Then looked at him once again - still he wasn't breathing. Then my mom courageously took Traps in her arms - went to the garage and started pumping his body at the same time saying 'Traps, wake up! Wake up, Traps!' The helpers were all shocked because just yesterday - they were playing with Traps! They found it weird that he died instantly - there was sign that he wasn't feeling well. After 15 minutes with the convincing of the helpers - my mom finally gave up on Traps. He was just there, lying on the floor lifeless - what happened?

I feel really guilty - because I was not able to check on him. My heart feels so heavy - I swear it was like my heart broke when I saw his lifeless body. Being an very emotional person who cried when happy and sad - I didn't cry - weird - but I did not. My mom had tears in her eyes, while my brother was visibly shaken. Me - I was just normal - it was as if nothing happend. Then I was told to get a chinese buring paper - have it burned outside. The helpers put Traps in a box - the driver was going to bring him to the cemetary. I couldn't help but look touch him one last time and say 'Bye Traps - I'll miss you' - I will really miss him, he was one of my favorites - ask my Panget.

When the driver left - my mom and I went to the terrace where Wytee and Zowee were at. I picked up Wytee and my mom said in fookien 'Take Care of the dogs, sayang' then tears began to flow. I hugged Wytee and said 'Sorry' countless of times. I couldn't believe that Traps is dead. I was just hugging him a while back - there was even a urine stain on of Traps my skirt! My mom was crying too! She was telling Jenna 'Wala na si Traps Jenna'

We were all heartbroken and devastated. Even my dad was shocked on what happend, he mentioned that he saw Traps yesterday and he was still jumping all over the place.

Traps - you'll surely be missed by everyone especially me. I love you Traps - rest in peace.
I don't think I'll ever get over what happend. :(

Love you Traps, always...


  1. So sorry to here this. at least know that he is in dog heaven. my dog passed away when i was taking hem home from the vet. (this was after the vet declared that nothing was wrong with him) i realized that he ws not responding anymore when i was calling his name and when i stopped the car to check, i found out he was no longer breathing!

  2. Hi! I'm sorry that your dog died too. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate the gesture.