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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Since I was young - I've been fascinated with baking. I learned to love baking from my aunt - who makes THE best apple pie ever! She's one of my biggest influence when it comes to baking. At a young age - I remember enrolling at Sylvia Reynoso-Gala's Kids Baking class one summer. Than again the summer after. When I got to the later part of my elementary years in ICA - I became hooked on baking. Come high school - I was baking for special someones (Yes, that's correct - the way to the man's heart? - LITERALLY the stomach!)

I've been baking since I don't remember when. The only time I stopped? Well, you can ask my Panget about it. Ask him the reason why I don't bake anymore! And he will smile and just smile. Hahaha... Now, where was I? Anyways, I just started to bake again when I met Jenn Tan. Well you see, Jenn and I just met about a month or two ago. She's a friend of my Panget and surprisingly - a friend of my friend Oliver. The first time we met, we hit it off instantly - maybe because we were both madaldal.. :) A few weeks later, I learned that she is also fondof baking, thus - my used-to-be hobby 'baking' was kind of fascinating to me again.

Then while surfing and reading blogs (which I just found time now..) I came across the most recent entry of the foodie's blog that I frequent. Ever heard of Dessert Comes First ? Click on and see what I'm talking about. Although I'm not a foodie - I appreciate people who write about food! How I wish I could do the same! (I am very much biased of course!) Lo and Behold - she just announced that she will be having a Baking Demo!! With SHEER DELIGHT and ENTHUSIASM - I texted Jenn about it. To which she replied that she has read the entry - to which I replied back that I wanted to attend the demo, I asked her if she was game. Her answer?? SHE WAS GAME TOO!! Great!! That's like 2 weeks from now and, we're both excited as hell! :) We were like two kids who got their first taste of lollipop (or ice cream)!

I promised to bring my BlueBerry Cheesecake (the controversial cheesecake)

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