Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am borrowing this image from All Cupcakes, All The Time

I was browsing through blogs and accidently (and fortunately) landed on the blog above. My mouth was watering - seeing all the delicious cupcakes! The fact that I'm on a diet - did not help at all! Dammit! Anyhoo, it was a good thing that I found this blog, why? Well, honestly - I think that it's a rebirth for me and my baking. As I relayed on my previous posts - I used to love baking - it was just unfortunate that I stopped. But this time, I think that it might be here to stay - longer that is! I was told by my Panget's brother that he was able to buy me a brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer - Yehaa!! I need not suffer my right arms in using the ol' reliable hand mixer from Oster.

Cupcakes - Here I come!! :)

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