Saying goodbye..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Havaianas collection has grown once again. Just last week - I've already acquired 3 pairs! I can't seem to stop. I've tried to - but damn, here I am again. I've already shunned myself from looking at the website but somehow my favorite Havaianas saleslady - well, she makes me very happy - she's really nice. Ask my Panget.

Since I 've acquired 3 new pairs - I've decided to let go of 2 pairs. They're really not my favorites but I guess I already outgrew my facsination with them, thus they're rarely used. I've officially put my TOP Brown and Jungle Green Havaianas on the market last Monday - it's kind of cruel and I bet these 2 pairs are cursing me to death. It's so hard to let go of them - but I know I need to since I rarely use them! I'll ride it out for another week - and when no one is interested - I'll just pass them on to someone else. Since Monday night, I've been looking at them before I go to sleep, thinking to myself that they're not being sold because I don't like them, instead because they're making space for newer ones (brutal huh?!) - I know it sounds crazy but somehow I guess - that's how I part with my Havaianas.

My Panget has always asked me 'Ano bang ginagawa mo sa mga Havaianas mo??' He's perplexed on why I can't just settle for 1 pair! Well, parehas lang kami, I can't understand it too!!

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