In HIGH Spirits!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Last Friday was a bad day for me. Surprisingly, I was still in high spirits! Crazy? Try amazing. Well, since I started listening to the positive thinking audio books Berly gave me, good things have been happening. I'm more at peace, more patient, and I guess more relaxed! Thank god! :) Anyhoo, my Panget and I received Superman tickets from our friend Ian - although we were 30 minutes late - we still enjoyed the IMAX experience - Thanks Ian! :) Super!! After watching Superman Returns (I cried twice - hehe..) We walked around and about Mall of Asia - we were trying to look for a place to eat. We finally settled for a cutesy Japanese inspired restaurant called Tokyo Cafe. The waitresses were all very pleasant, bowing every time they served something. My Panget had the best seller which was called Tokyo Chops that turned out to be a glorified Tonkatsu with rice (I liked the taste) I on the otherhand had the Italian Sausage pizza. I loved the flavour of my pizza! It was really good! For the first time in my life - I added Chili Powder! Can you believe it?? Hahaha!! After dinner, we were eager to walk around, but to our disappointment - it was already 10pm! Most of the shops were closing - and so we decided to go home. But this decision was met with non-stop walking and turning - YES, we got lost - we couldn't figure out where we had parked, rather we couldn't find the place where we parked!! We were walking for about 45 minuted and good thing we found Sugarhouse - I was craving for sweets! When we got in Sugarhouse - we realized that we were parked on the same building! And so after purchasing a petite 'Honey Cake' we headed to my Panget's car and drove back to his place.

Saturday was a big day for me because I was going to accompany some of our workers to Clark, Pampanga. We had a client who needed the carpet installed ASAP. And so we left Manila at about 2:30pm and reached Clark around 4:30 - we had pit stops because we had 2 trucks following us - one that carried the workers and another wing van that carried the oh-so big and heavy carpet. I got home about 9:00pm - I was really tired because I helped in hauling the carpet up to the 2nd floor! Yes, I helped in hauling - you read that one right. I was amongst the workings - pulling the heavy carpet up to the second floor! I even scrapped some skin on my fingers (which until now are still a bit sore - but it was worth it!)

I was planning to spend my Sunday peacefully. Peacefully meaning I would be lazing around and lying on my bed sleeping or watching DVDs or the latest episode of my new found show 'Entourage'. But what happened was quite the opposite. My panget and I went to the Power Plant Mall to go shopping - the whole mall was on sale (except for Celio - can you believe it??) I was able to buy stuffs at 50% off!! My newly acquired stuffs comprised of a puruntong board shorts from Roxy, a large pink hobo bag from Esprit, and books from Fully Booked (I'm so happy that the book I had wanted to buy for the longest time is already in paperback!!) But my Sunday was not about to end quitely. My Panget and I were treated to a hefty dinner at Sugi in Greenhills courtesy of my Panget's sis-in-law's mom! Thanks Auntie!! I had a great time in Sugi!! :)

Overall - my weekend went great! Although it lacked my usual lazing around for the whole afternoon - I enjoyed the 'rush' somehow. Next weekened, I hope to go back to my anti-chaotic schedule during the weekend. I'm still debating whether I need to have my hair cut by my uber favorite Jing Monis - I'm still undecided.

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