Butterscotch Bars

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's been about 4 years since I last baked. Yes, it's true - my once favorite hobby was in hiatus for a while - a long while. I can't believe it's been 4 years?! (you can blame my Panget for this)

Well, last night - I tried it again, and I understood why I used to love baking. Baking somehow de-stresses me. It's true!! Although, you need to prepare the ingredients before hand, wash all the necessary tools - the whole nine yards - it was all worth it. And! For the first time, I washed and cleaned most of what I used!! I wasn't as messy, and I was faster than before! Before, I had always thought that baking took a lot of my time since I started at about 6:00pm and finished close to 11:00pm! Last Night, I started at around 6:30pm and by the time it was 8:00pm I was already cleaning up! Fast huh?! Or maybe I've just grown more organized? Anyhoo, I'm back - my hobby's back!! I just hope I get the energy to bake again. Or maybe bake at someone else's home?! (hint.. hint..) Hahaha!! :)

My Butterscotch Brownies are being given to my good friends Barbs, Coco and their uber cutie son Hans. I hope they like it!!

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