Another one bites the dust..

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yes, for the nth time - I have a new pair of havaianas. Again, I've succombed to the lure of those damn Brazil made rubber slippers. This pair however is my first pair of Havaianas with an imprinted design. Let's count how many Havaianas I have:

- TOP Black*
- STYLE ICE Lavander and White*
- TOP Jungle Green
- TOP Brown
- TOP Navy Blue
- BRAZIL Black**

*My first two pairs were bought from my good friend Berly with a hefty 20% discount
**This special pair was also bought at 20% off because my first ever Havaianas' toe strap broke off. This is by far the most comfortable pair ever! I really don't know why.

Adding to that is my newly acquired HIBISCO White 2006 Edition. Cool huh!! There's a 2006 edition - who knew?!

Special thanks to sis Pattybee of GirlTalk - she was selling her brand new pair - and I was lucky enough to see her ad - I thought about it for a while (for 30 minutes) then boom! I wanted it!! Hahaha.. :)

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