Putting on make-up

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I love make-up but one thing I hate is... PUTTING THEM ON!!

Since I have chinky/chinita eyes, sans the double eyelid - it's so hard to put on eyeshadow!! Argh... While in college, when I got fascinated with make-up. I'd put on a base, concealer, powder, a light blush - and that's about it. I'd curl my eyelashes and put on my ever reliable Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 on my lips for shine - That's my whole routine - and for years - it still has been my routine - and now, I'm kinda tired of this routine. I need to learn more man!

Last night I attended a wedding reception at the Manila Penn and after bathing - I was scrambling to put on make-up! Damn, if I just was knowledeable on these things, my life would be easier somehow... Oh well, trade off!!

My quest to learn is now more real than ever, anyone willing to teach eager 'ol me the tricks of the make-up trade?? :)

Please!?! I beg you!!!

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