No more RICE!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I love rice, especially fried rice! For some strange reason, I loved eating white rice and fried rice whilst in Beijing, I could have just that for lunch or dinner! I especially love the fried rice of Maxim's Restaurant in Hong Kong. Well, actually anywhere in HK - the fried rice is delish! I suddenly crave for it.. dammit!!

FYI: I've not eaten rice for 2 whole days. I repeat, 2 whole days! Yehaa!! I'm trying to cut it out of my diet since I'm starting to balloon again. It's so hard not to eat rice, it's so damn tempting especially when its right in front of you. My chopsticks automaticall go to the direction of the bowl of rice but then, when its about to touch the rice - I suddenly remember that I've vowed not to touch rice for a month. My brother has told me that the first week would be difficult, but after that - I wouldn't crave for it anymore (as much) And it's really been difficult. Today's just my 3rd day - I still have about 27 days more to go!! I hope that this 'sacrifuce' goes well. I hope!!

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