Paradise found..

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I found paradise in Palawan. Imagine a postcard with a photo of a perfect beach - clear blue waters and white powdery sands - yes - this is what we found when we got to Club Paradise in Palawan. We were all amazed at how clean the waters are! It was like the place was taken right out of a postcard! It was breathtaking - I was stupefied, I couldn't beleive such a place existed in the world - moreover - in the Philippines!

Upon docking, my panget and I immediately smiled as we felt the sand on our feet - it felt nice, powdery and soft (except for the sweltering heat!), we took a look back from a distance - the place was picture perfect - paradise to some like me. Our 'GRO' for that day was Laila - she ushered us to the clubhouse near the swimming pool. Alch, Partyboy Fred, Marianne, Owen and Ren headed to the dive shop for their briefing of intro to diving - me, my Panget, Lyn and Ian then headed down to the beach. It was breathtaking - a sight for sore eyes! It was beautiful, perfect, serene, and most of all - private. There were no vendors - the beach was vast, the water was cool to the touch - it was crystal clear. I chose a an area where we could settle our bags - it was beneath trees - a shaded area.

To be continued...

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