My Latest Acquisitions

Sunday, May 07, 2006

For a person who is not fond of shopping - I did my fill last Sunday at the Podium. Here are my latest aquisitions:

- 2 pairs of BAYO shorts (one in light beige and another in green - *since I couldn't decide which to get - I got them both!)

- VCD of Serendipity

- a Red wallet from Girbaud

Still on my list are:

1) VWM Armada Sunblock SPF 70
2) White, Black, Pink, Green, Yellow, Light Beige leather bag from Singapore*

*There are times where I can't decide on which color to get for a particular item - my theory - if it takes you 5-10minutes to think about it - GET IT IN ALL COLORS!! Haha.. (this is definitely something Lyn and I share)

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