A Moment to Remember

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Here's another Korean film that made me cry..

The film is kind of heavy - emotionally - comparing it to My Sassy Girl. But once you compare it to The Classic - well, nothing will beat the heaviness of The Classic.

Here's a girl meets boy, girl snatches boy's coke, girl finishes the coke, girl gives back the can of coke to boy, and boy tries to drink - but there's nothing left. Most Korean films deal with tragedies one way or another. I think this genre suits them very well, and hey - it clicks and makes a lot of money!

Watching the first few minutes of the movie, I knew that there will be a tragedy but I still couldn't figure out what kind of tragedy will be striking - I was expecting it to happen - soon! But as I said to myself I wouldn't cry - you guessed it right - I cried, and cried and cried until the end. I did not cry continously but I cried every so often (you know me!!)

The movie is really nice - it makes you want to be in love all the time. I really do wish that there is such a thing as love conquers all and IS THERE REALLY A GUY AS SWEET AS HIM?? I gather not.. Hahaha!!

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