MI:3 = Alias??

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just saw this last Saturday and all I can say is that - being an 'Alias' fan - well, actually more of a JJ Abrams fan - I can clearly see the same flow of thought and the predictable sequence of events. The director even used his favorite 'suki' actors to play as extras! For those Felicity, Alias and Lost fans - you guys would know which actors I am referring to. Haha.. :) I guess just like Gary Marshall who's favorite, Hector Elizondo - appears in almost all of his films!

But anyways - I was entertained, I was expecting worse! It turned out to be good - worthy of the P180 bucks? I guess - Yes, of course!!

I was instantly taken by the hot cutie - Declan - John Rhys Meyers - I love his accent! Don't you?!

Also - I was kinda laughing to learn that Agent Musgrave was Russel Hammond! Haha.. Yes, the rocker front man of the band Stillwater is now - the 'handler' of Ethan Hunt.

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