an EVENTFUL Saturday..

Monday, May 15, 2006

I never thought that a gloomy, actually a 'typhoon' infused Saturday would bring about meeting a lot of old friends and familiar faces. I woke up to a gloomy Saturday morning, my room still lingers of cold airconditioning even though I turned it off at about 5am.

I had a late lunch with my classmate in ICA - Karol. We met at Conti's, I was an hour late because the driver brought me to Tita Conching's - in Manila. Anyhoo, when I got inside Conti's I searched for Karol - then I saw her unbelievably glowing face - I walked fast towards her and gave her a hug. This is the first time I saw Karol since High School! Yes - it was that long - I couldn't beleive it! I knew that she was taking up medicine - but it was just recently (actually just last year) that she messaged me through friendster - I thought, wow! Considering the fact that is studying to become a neurologist - she still had time for friendster! Well, that's Karol - she's one of those people who're determined as ever. If they set their mind on something - there's no stopping them.

We were exchanging stories - stories that go far back as 7 years ago! Time does fly fast huh?! Who would have thought that 7 years after HS - we'd be having lunch. Oh well, but it was a blast meeting up with her. I swear, it brings back a lot of memories!! :) My panget was with us to witness our stories.

After meeting up with Karol - my Panget and I went about walking in Greenhills - only to find out that the whole place had no electricity since 11am! Imagine walking inside the new V-Mall and seeing the stores - CLOSED! I guess the owners were thinking - since there's no electricity - and no one coming and going to V-Mall - might as well, close shop right? Right - Greenhills was a ghost town - an eerie phase (I swear?! Imagine Greenhills with a few people - isn't that scary??)

I wasn't expecting to bump into old friends - but somehow - since I've already met up with Karol - I was on a roll!! I saw a DLSU buddy, my former DLSU blockmate - and I think 2 more friends - friends who I've last seen at least 3 years ago. I was in a jolly mood!

Anyhoo - it was a great Saturday - I was all smiley and stuff!! Hehe... :) Sigh...

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