Are you a golf player??

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This was the question asked by uber cute little Gabby - when I first met him last night. I declare that we hit it off pretty well. Why? Because we were chatting like crazy after that question! He sang and cheered me on while I hit a few balls last night at the driving range and vice versa. He's such a fun little boy! Since I also love to talk - I like meeting kids who are the same - that way - I can test my patience and determine who's the first to give up (sino ang unang susuko). Haha!! :)

Gabby is the son of my new found friend Georgette who's a friend of Myke - the future brother-in-law of my Panget. Gabby is so cute! He's so talkative and isn't shy! I've been wondering if all kids are shy - but this one - Gabby - will blast off all stereotypes of shy kids! He was telling me stories like how he found 2 toys of the same kind in different cereal boxes and that he loved Cookie Crisps and Koko Crunch. That he works out in the attic because he wants to have muscles.

I hope to see more of you Gabby and Georgette! :)

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