I dreamt of Sam Milby

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I know some of you will shriek out of ka-cornihan - but what the heck - I didn't plan this! It just happened - but I'm glad it did. Haha!! :)

Right after my massage last night - I was playing with Jenna and Jacob in my mom's room - the TV was turned on because my mom was watching the soap 'Gulong ng Palad'. While playing with the babies - I suddenly heard a certain commercial model say that he enjoys eating 'Amazing Aloha' (or something to that effect) I just need to tell you, that I am such a fan of Jollibee's Amazing Aloha - that to me was the perfect burger. Was - because it was discontinued years ago. Of course, upon hearing this - my eyes suddenly shot up to the TV screen - surprise, surprise - It was Sam Milby alright - he's become a Jollibee endorser. I happily told my mom that the 'Amazing Aloha' burger is back! (She was the one who told me it tastes great) I was excited! Maybe because I will be seeing more of my dear Sam Milby on TV.

Anyhoo - just this morning - I kind of woke up late - about 10minutes late - and all I could remember was dreaming of Sam Milby! I forgot the details - but I swear - it was Him I was dreaming about - actually - it was 'US' I was dreaming of. He was there with me. He's such a dreamy person - I wish to have more dreams of him and of 'us' - I'm sure most of you are laughing right now. All I can say is - Laught all you want!! Bwahahaha!! :)

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