A Golf blister...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Remember when you golf shoes still had metal spikes? Well, that's how long it's been since I last held a 7 iron! And just last night at the Top Flyt driving range in Quezon City, I did not just hold one - but hit a bucket of golf balls - with the chidding, pushing, cheering on of my Panget and my tee-boy Myke (naks...)

Even though its been years, I still remembered the grip, the stance and the swing - although not the correct stance, grip, back swing and etc., but at least somehow - I knew and remembered a little of it. Everyone will agree that I hate the feeling of being sweaty (ma-pawisan) I hate it so much that I purposely do not engage in sports (it's as if I'm a fan of any sport - I just watch them on TV or on the court) but for golf (driving range and badminton) I was willing to sweat it out.

I remember vividly, during my first summer learning golf, I sustained a tennis elbow injury - that was during 1997 (I think) because the glof club I used was too heavy for me - thus - hitting a few balls became sort of a torture for me, but then again, I enjoyed it. The following summer, I sustained a sprained wrist - due to having the wrong grip! After a while, I was able to correct my grip thus - no more pain - but unfortunately - I never played ever again -until last night that is.

It's funny to know that I have my own golf set (take note!! ako lang sa buong pamilya ko ang eron!) My mom bought me a golf set with a matching color golf bag - a pair of Footjoy golf shoes that matches the design of the golf bag, and a long sleeved turtle neck golf shirt that is the same design as the golf bag!! Everything was matching - para raw maganda. Fine - it looked cute, it still looks cute! I still am proud of it up to now.

Since my Panget and I got together, I've been telling his younger sister that I need the metal spikes of my golf shoes t be replaced - until now, it hasn't been replaced! I keep forgetting to give my golf shoes to her! I have a feeling that it's quite brittle already - but it still there! :) (Damn, how much will I shell out for a pair of decent golf shoes?! Argh....) I just realized - this is an expensive sport! Dammit!! I need to get gloves for my left hand - as I sustained (grabe ba?!) a blister on my left thumb.. :( huhuhu...

P.S. I'm still looking for my 7 iron! I can't seem to find it! Help!! :)

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