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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've never been a beach person, NEVER, and that stands till now, but don't take me wrong, I don't hate or dislike beaches, in fact I appreciate and love the scenery and beauty of beaches. I love looking at pictures that showcase pristine waters and white powdery sands, whenever I come across images of clear water white sand beaches - I'm in awe. It takes me some place peaceful - sort of like a 'happy' place for most of us.

While channel surfing about 4 years ago (that long huh?!), I chanced upon a segment of Lakbay TV on Coron, Palawan. I was impressed. I never thought I'd see a place within the Philippines that was as nice as what I saw on TV! Hosts of the TV show were cayaking from island to island. The water beneath them was crystal clear! Imagine seeing the bottom part of the cayak immersed in water??!! I've never seen a place so beautiful and so peaceful! Coron, was said to be the hide-out of Japanese ships during the world war - this was because small islands were situated strategically that made biggers ships have a hard time passing through. It's also said that the reefs of Coron are infested with a lot of treasures because of shipwrecks during the world wars {which makes me wonder - should I be scared or should I be fascinated?!?} I think there's even an island called Skeleton Island. It's supposed to be 'the' perfect dive site for divers. But since I'm not a diver - I'll settle for the scenery and historical value.

Since then, I've been toying with the idea of visiting Coron, but as usual - no one has ever heard of this magnificent place before. And whenever I bring up the topic, those around me look at me and have expressions of 'WTF is she talking about?' Hence, Coron will always be a 'dream' destination and nothing more.

But a few weeks ago(acutally a month to be exact), my good friend Alch called me on my mobile and told me if I'm game to join them if they arrange of a Palawan trip this summer since April 28-May 1 is going to be a long weekend. I initially asked where she was planning to go and when she replied 'Coron, Palawan' - it was music to my ears! I was already sold on the plan and super psyched to go, thus began my making benta Coron to my friends - to Kath and May May initially, and eventually to Belle, Lyn, Ian, Berly and my panget. Lyn and Ian immediately told me they were game to go - so that's already 2 down. Kath reasoned that since it was her birthday - she needed to stay behind as for May May - she will still be in Singapore - studying. So out of the 7 only 2 confirmed. My panget kasi has this atittude that he'd decide on the last minute {thank gawd for him winning the Kodak Camera - I was replied with a definite ' OO NA, SASAMA NA!} As for Berly - she had plans already and Belle, well - she's still running about Hong Kong and will be back 1st week of April - she'll decide when she comes back. I hope she gets to decide on time though.

Anyways - here's a glimpse of what's in store for us for this trip. To those who I've invited and who are still UNDECIDED - I hope the link will make you decided ASAP!! Hehehe..

Coron, Palawan

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