Stub Number 02034

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Last Friday, my panget and I attended Kodak Philippines' dealers meeting. It showcased new cameras and new products such as the Kodak's all-in-one kiosk. NBC Tent was transformed into a coliseum like set-up - stages were put up in a circular manner on the four corners of the tent - the hosts Mariel Rodriguez and my HS friend Drew Arellano stood at the center stage (right smack in the middle of the place) There were dance numbers and a segment that narrated the beginnings of Kodak Philippines and it's mission. While featuring the newest digital camera that boasts of panoramic shots - my panget whispered - I want that camera. Since I assumed there was a raffle - I hoped silently for us to win. But what are the chances right?

The event was grande - as expected, the Kodak people went all out for the launch. The food catered by Hyatt was not so bad, I was kind of shocked to learn that the buffet was placed outside the tent itself - although tables were places outside - women wearing stilleto heels (me included) had a hard time walking because the heels kept on digging in the soil with every step made. Anyhoo - after dinner was the raffle of prizes - as usual, people were hoping to win something. I was surprised to learn from my panget that the prizes to be raffles off are the newest models, take note - they were not just giving one away - they were giving 3-5 of EACH model (there were 2 models) Not bad right? First came the drawing of the winners for the lower priced but fairly new camera. Then right after - Kodak Philippines presented awards to their loyal customers who's been with them for 5-15 years. Loyalty nga talaga!

Then after the awards - came the final raffle of 5 V570 digital cameras. My panget's stub was put in the fishbowl held my Mariel during the drawing for the 2nd camera. I knew it was a long shot for my panget to win. But since he was with me (his uber lucky charm) he had a good chance. I've never failed him, I swear - there's something with me and raffles (although I don't personally win{except for that ONE time I won US$800.00 in a Bingo game on an Alaskan cruise} - BUT, those that I'm with somehow win something) Then on the last draw - I saw in my head that my panget's number being called out - and surprisingly - it was called out!! Mon Albert, the general manager of Kodak Philippines said 'Stub number 02034'!! I looked at my panget and told him 'We won!!' He smiled (from ear to ear) and walked up the stage. Andrew - the host (since I introduced them during dinner) said my panget's name aloud when he saw him walk up the stage. He also mentioned my name but for some strange reason - I forgot what he said. But anyways, YES, for the nth time, my panget has won. To date - I've won my panget 2 digital cameras, some cash prizes, bags and etc. How about me?? Dammit?! Kawawa naman ako!!

To my panget - CONGRATULATIONS!!
*I told you I'm lucky!! :)

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  1. Candice!!!! you have no clue what you just did in your blog! its like you just described me! your kwento is exactly what happened to me and my dad. We won the grand prize at a raffle last last week too, a golf cart! it was my name that was picked naman. 2nd time din to win! so he always brings me to raffles now hehe.