Operation ACL: Successful!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just came back from St. Luke's Medical Center. Yes, FINALLY my panget had his ACL repaired. The surgery was at 7:00am - he had to be at the Operating Room by 6:00am - that means he had to wake up at 5:00am and leave at 5:30am! My panget is definitely NOT a morning person, so I guess he was masungit to everyone at the operating room.

I called the recovery room at about 9:00am, I spoke to a nurse Emy. I asked her if my panget was awake, so I can ask him what food he wanted for lunch - she paused and said that he was still asleep although a while ago he was awake. I told her I'd call back at 11:00am and if in case he wakes up to ask him his preference of food for lunch (para hindi ako simangutan in case I bring in the wrong food) When I called at 11:00am it was no surprise that my panget was still asleep (duh?!) but nurse Emy said that he wanted a burger and water lang.

After a few minutes, my panget's sister-in-law called my cell to ask what time I'll be going to the hospital because they wanted to visit too. I planned to go around 11:30am so my panget won't be too hungry, we ended the conversation right after. Then a few minutes passed and she called me again and asked if she and her hubby can hitch a ride with me (It's hard to find good parking in St. Luke's) going to St. Luke's, I answered with a yes (because I had a driver on-hand) so we decided to meet at their place and go to St. Luke's from there.

We arrived at St. Lukes at about a little after 12:00pm, we already bought food for my panget and also for ourselves. When we got to the recovery room, there was no nurse attendant at the station. And so, we waited - for about 30 seconds until a chubby (I can't say fat - because it's politically incorrect) male nurse emerged from the out-patient room. I told him we brought food for a patient with my panget's name. A few minutes passed until someone called out and asked who were with my panget, we acknowldege and led to the out patient room - when the 3 of us started to walk towards the room - the person in charge mentioned that only one person is allowed - my panget's brother and sis-in-law told me to go ahead, they'll just wait outside. Awww... (seriously, I was touched ah! :) )

Dum - dum - dum - dum.... Lo and behold, as I entered the out-patient room my panget was lying on the hospital bed looking helpless and nakasimangot (as usual) wearing hospital clothes, a shower cap (of some sort) and was all reddish!! I told him that he looked super red he just said 'Eh ang daming drogang iin-ject sa akin eh!' And so I served him the Big Mac we got for him. He smiled and ate happily. He said that he was really hungry and bored at the same time. He also made kwento that he was conscious throughout the operation but he couldn't decifer the video he was watching (of his operation)

Overall - it was a success!! Finally!! :) Thank goodness!! Although for about 2 weeks - we won't be going out. Dammit! We'll be stuck at home watching DVDs.. Endless DVDs.. I'll be a baby-sitter for a week or so. Wish me luck!!

BTW - Jenna might be pregnant - and guess by whom?! (argh!!)

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