My fascination with American Idol

Friday, March 10, 2006

There's just something with me and singing contests, American Idol in particular. I can't help but watch it over and over and over again - I admit - I'm a huge huge fan! Ever since last year when Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice were admitted to the roster, I felt that AI has accepted musicians from all genres and at least stretched the age group a bit (compared to before) This year, I missed out on watching the auditions - I wasn't able to see who stood out from the rest in the beginning - it was just last week, that I was able to catch AI.

Funny how, (again) a rocker caught my fancy - He's none other than Chris Daughtry - yes, the bald, kinda sexy-ish, roker-ish guy. He can sing man, he really can. I really don't know why I'm partial to those rocker/alternative 'songers' but I am. I just love the way their voice sounds when its all husky and bordering somewhat coarse - but still you can hear the good singing voice. At last weeks performance, I was impressed - very much impressed in fact of Chris' version of 'Hemorrage' by Fuel. He kicked ass - literally - and just like what Simon Cowell said - it was the night's best performance. But last night - there was someting missing - you ask me what? I ask you back - 'What was missing?' I can't seem to pin point what it was exactly but his performance lacked something - something 'magical' I guess, something that can pull the audience into his performance. I was kinda disappointed though - because I feared that he might get eliminated. Thank God, he's not!!

Here are my observations (since I was a late bloomer)

Ace Young kinda reminds me of a long haired Jake Gyllenhaal
Taylor Hicks is a dead ringer for a 'young' Jay Leno!
Will Macar looks like Fred Savage - but is cuter!
Gedeon McKinney's features are similar with Martin Laurence's spoof for the pizza delivery guy in the movie Blue Streak!

Here comes the Top 12!! Yeah!

Let's go TEAM CHRIS!!!

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