Galileo Enoteca

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Have you heard of this place? Well, it's a deli/restaurant that's well tucked in the streets of Mandaluyong - Calbayog street to be exact. I got lost trying to look for this place last night - well, because the street numbers were jumping from 40 to 469 to 151 down to 2! It was only when I called Berly to ask for directions did I found the place. It was packed - they were fully booked, but I managed to get a table 15 minutes later.

It was a very small deli - really small - but kind of deep. They served pasta dishes, cheese, wines and lots more. A set menu will cost you Php400.00 - not bad right? It's inclusive of:
A glass of wine
Ham, Salami platter
Cheese platter
Main course (you can choose from 3 different pastas)

The food was OK - nothing spectacular, the service was so-so, but the conversation - great!! To Berly, Lyn, and Ian - sa uulitin??

Ya, think?!?!

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