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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Last night, my panget and I had dinner with his college buds at TOC (Top of the CITI). It's been a long time since I last saw them (I think it was Julie's baby shower), with the exception of Grace and of Barbs. This dinner was somewhat special because it was Grace and Francis' despedida - they're moving to New Zealand this Saturday.

When I heard the news, I was in disbelief, I couldn't believe that it was already March! I remember Grace telling us that the plan was that March - they're supposed to leave, but she was still unsure - maybe she was giving themselves a margin for error of some sort. Anyhoo, I received a message on friendster from Barbs, informing me of the despedida dinner and to get a bon voyage card and to remind my panget about it - of course, since Lolo Edmund is crippled(due to his recent torn ACL injury) he might forget. After reading the message, there was no feeling. But last night, when I saw Grace, the idea of her relocating sank in. Yes, she's really leaving and moving to New Zealand.

Since Barbs and Grace are best friends, I asked my panget candidly 'Mag-iiyakan ba sila?' To which he replied 'Makikita natin sa dinner' with a smirk on his face. I was expecting a little tears - but when we sat down at the dinner table, I asked Barbs and she said 'Iniyak ko na lahat yan' So, I guess she did cry, by her hubby's testimony - she cried buckets. That's understandable - because I went through the same ordeal - except of course my best friend came back naman. Barbs need not worry because there's the information gateway - the internet at her side. Whenever she feels the need to communicate with Grace - all she needs to do is turn of the computer and write away.

Barbs claims that she's cried all the tears - I beg to differ, I also thought I wouldn't cry anymore when my best friend left for Singapore - but as it turns out, when she called me from the airport - tears started welling up and I couldn't help but cry - cry buckets that is (in the middle of Greenhills - while shopping, mind you! My panget was clueless on why I was crying! When I told him who I was speaking with - he just smiled, sort of understood what was going on and told me 'May internet naman noh!' then hugged me) To be honest, I had a feeling na Grace was naiiyak na but trying her best not to shed a tear. But when Eleanor handed Grace her gift and opened it - she was super making pigil not to cry - but I can see that her eyes were becoming watery. Good thing no one cried, because if someone cried - it will cause a chain of events - everybody will start crying - me included. I feel kind of silly that I 'feel' for Grace and Barbs - I don't know why! I guess I'm emotional that way, I'm very empathetic - I even cry on TV commercials! Konti lang - luluha na.. (ask my panget - he swears by it!! promise!)

Barbs - it's okay, you can always visit Grace!! :) You can email one another pa! Good thing there's the internet - at least you can chat, email, or speak to one another. My panget is just a phone call or text away (if you want his company that is.. hehehe. :) ) Schedule a chat session! (I know it's juvenile - but I swear, it helps)
Grace - Bon Voyage!! As I promised, I will visit you - someday.. :) Have a nice time! Our next dinner would be in New Zealand na, with Barbs - hahahaha!! (nananaginip pa ata ako!!) Teach me the New Zealand accent! Hihi.. :) Sun Hong!! :) If you decide to come back to Manila - we'll all be here for you (kung gusto mo may mga matching banners and streamers pa at the airport!)
Tricia & Adrian - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm excited to see a mini-Adrian this time! :)

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