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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am one person who doesn't like to sweat (I hate the feeling of 'pinapawisan') thus, sports is a no-no for me! Although I tried my luck in badminton (which I miss..) 2 years ago enjoyed it to the fullest (still, I'm not a good player - I DON'T run after the shuttlecock - I literally watch it fall on the ground). Whenever I feel sticky - I take a bath, immediately! I like the 'fresh' feeling after taking a bath - what's wrong with that right? Well, what's wrong is as they say (my parents) SAYANG ANG TUBIG!!

Having been used to not using the aircon while sleeping at night - I realized these past few days that it's officially summer.. dammit!! it's so damn hot!! before, I used to just turn the aircon on for an hour and sleep, but now it seems the aircon in my room is not enough! I need to turn the electric fan on too!! I know - sayang kuryente - but WTF! It's so freaking hot!! And hey, I saved a lot from not using the aircon while sleeping last year (August 2005 till March 21, 2006!) Pwede na akong gumamit ngayon!! Hehe..

I just came back from a family vacation (which we booked last December 2005!) We went to Macau and Hong Kong - the weather there was great - except for the rains. The weather was a cool 15oC - it was nice. Really nice, I miss the cold weather (which I hated while in Beijing before) The rain was unpredictable though - one minute its drizzling - the next it's raining like cats and dogs! I miss the cold weather!! I miss having to wear my jacket!! :)

One thing I noticed with Macau and Hong Kong was that - maybe it was the weather - but I wasn't sure if it was smog or fog. Because when we landed in Macau - on our way to our Moulin Rouge inspired facade Holiday Inn hotel - fog covered the top portion of the Macau Tower! Then the next day - when we had lunch at the revolving 360o restaurant - there was the fog still! Ano ba talaga? Then in Hong Kong - it's the same thing! Kim tells me it's smog - well, I guess smog and fog, tomatoes, tomatos - they rhyme! (in some way..)

to be continued...
*it's getting hot here in the office
**I hope you somehow understood or got the flow of this particular blog article..
***forgive my wrong grammar - low batt ako today - tired, dead tired...

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