Operation ACL: Successful!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Just came back from St. Luke's Medical Center. Yes, FINALLY my panget had his ACL repaired. The surgery was at 7:00am - he had to be at the Operating Room by 6:00am - that means he had to wake up at 5:00am and leave at 5:30am! My panget is definitely NOT a morning person, so I guess he was masungit to everyone at the operating room.

I called the recovery room at about 9:00am, I spoke to a nurse Emy. I asked her if my panget was awake, so I can ask him what food he wanted for lunch - she paused and said that he was still asleep although a while ago he was awake. I told her I'd call back at 11:00am and if in case he wakes up to ask him his preference of food for lunch (para hindi ako simangutan in case I bring in the wrong food) When I called at 11:00am it was no surprise that my panget was still asleep (duh?!) but nurse Emy said that he wanted a burger and water lang.

After a few minutes, my panget's sister-in-law called my cell to ask what time I'll be going to the hospital because they wanted to visit too. I planned to go around 11:30am so my panget won't be too hungry, we ended the conversation right after. Then a few minutes passed and she called me again and asked if she and her hubby can hitch a ride with me (It's hard to find good parking in St. Luke's) going to St. Luke's, I answered with a yes (because I had a driver on-hand) so we decided to meet at their place and go to St. Luke's from there.

We arrived at St. Lukes at about a little after 12:00pm, we already bought food for my panget and also for ourselves. When we got to the recovery room, there was no nurse attendant at the station. And so, we waited - for about 30 seconds until a chubby (I can't say fat - because it's politically incorrect) male nurse emerged from the out-patient room. I told him we brought food for a patient with my panget's name. A few minutes passed until someone called out and asked who were with my panget, we acknowldege and led to the out patient room - when the 3 of us started to walk towards the room - the person in charge mentioned that only one person is allowed - my panget's brother and sis-in-law told me to go ahead, they'll just wait outside. Awww... (seriously, I was touched ah! :) )

Dum - dum - dum - dum.... Lo and behold, as I entered the out-patient room my panget was lying on the hospital bed looking helpless and nakasimangot (as usual) wearing hospital clothes, a shower cap (of some sort) and was all reddish!! I told him that he looked super red he just said 'Eh ang daming drogang iin-ject sa akin eh!' And so I served him the Big Mac we got for him. He smiled and ate happily. He said that he was really hungry and bored at the same time. He also made kwento that he was conscious throughout the operation but he couldn't decifer the video he was watching (of his operation)

Overall - it was a success!! Finally!! :) Thank goodness!! Although for about 2 weeks - we won't be going out. Dammit! We'll be stuck at home watching DVDs.. Endless DVDs.. I'll be a baby-sitter for a week or so. Wish me luck!!

BTW - Jenna might be pregnant - and guess by whom?! (argh!!)

ang INIT grabe!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am one person who doesn't like to sweat (I hate the feeling of 'pinapawisan') thus, sports is a no-no for me! Although I tried my luck in badminton (which I miss..) 2 years ago enjoyed it to the fullest (still, I'm not a good player - I DON'T run after the shuttlecock - I literally watch it fall on the ground). Whenever I feel sticky - I take a bath, immediately! I like the 'fresh' feeling after taking a bath - what's wrong with that right? Well, what's wrong is as they say (my parents) SAYANG ANG TUBIG!!

Having been used to not using the aircon while sleeping at night - I realized these past few days that it's officially summer.. dammit!! it's so damn hot!! before, I used to just turn the aircon on for an hour and sleep, but now it seems the aircon in my room is not enough! I need to turn the electric fan on too!! I know - sayang kuryente - but WTF! It's so freaking hot!! And hey, I saved a lot from not using the aircon while sleeping last year (August 2005 till March 21, 2006!) Pwede na akong gumamit ngayon!! Hehe..

I just came back from a family vacation (which we booked last December 2005!) We went to Macau and Hong Kong - the weather there was great - except for the rains. The weather was a cool 15oC - it was nice. Really nice, I miss the cold weather (which I hated while in Beijing before) The rain was unpredictable though - one minute its drizzling - the next it's raining like cats and dogs! I miss the cold weather!! I miss having to wear my jacket!! :)

One thing I noticed with Macau and Hong Kong was that - maybe it was the weather - but I wasn't sure if it was smog or fog. Because when we landed in Macau - on our way to our Moulin Rouge inspired facade Holiday Inn hotel - fog covered the top portion of the Macau Tower! Then the next day - when we had lunch at the revolving 360o restaurant - there was the fog still! Ano ba talaga? Then in Hong Kong - it's the same thing! Kim tells me it's smog - well, I guess smog and fog, tomatoes, tomatos - they rhyme! (in some way..)

to be continued...
*it's getting hot here in the office
**I hope you somehow understood or got the flow of this particular blog article..
***forgive my wrong grammar - low batt ako today - tired, dead tired...

I'm back!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Just got back yesterday - will report my vaca after work... :)

Roaring to Macau

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In a few hours my family and I will be leaving for Macau via Tiger Airways. We booked this trip way back December 2005! We got it unbelievably cheap! Imagine USD228.00 for 4 passengers, and take note - that's round trip tickets!!

Good deal huh?!

Anyhoo - I'm off to a short vaca - I just hope I don't get stressed out.

I'm really looking forward to:
- Seeing Kim & Cubie!! (Super!!)
- Shopping for Shu Uemura stuffs with Kim and Cubie! (at last!!)
- Sleeping and sightseing
- Trying my luck at poker in the Casinos (Wish me luck!!)
- Eating a lot of food - (meaning PIGGING OUT!)

See you in a few days guys and girlies!! :)


Stub Number 02034

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Last Friday, my panget and I attended Kodak Philippines' dealers meeting. It showcased new cameras and new products such as the Kodak's all-in-one kiosk. NBC Tent was transformed into a coliseum like set-up - stages were put up in a circular manner on the four corners of the tent - the hosts Mariel Rodriguez and my HS friend Drew Arellano stood at the center stage (right smack in the middle of the place) There were dance numbers and a segment that narrated the beginnings of Kodak Philippines and it's mission. While featuring the newest digital camera that boasts of panoramic shots - my panget whispered - I want that camera. Since I assumed there was a raffle - I hoped silently for us to win. But what are the chances right?

The event was grande - as expected, the Kodak people went all out for the launch. The food catered by Hyatt was not so bad, I was kind of shocked to learn that the buffet was placed outside the tent itself - although tables were places outside - women wearing stilleto heels (me included) had a hard time walking because the heels kept on digging in the soil with every step made. Anyhoo - after dinner was the raffle of prizes - as usual, people were hoping to win something. I was surprised to learn from my panget that the prizes to be raffles off are the newest models, take note - they were not just giving one away - they were giving 3-5 of EACH model (there were 2 models) Not bad right? First came the drawing of the winners for the lower priced but fairly new camera. Then right after - Kodak Philippines presented awards to their loyal customers who's been with them for 5-15 years. Loyalty nga talaga!

Then after the awards - came the final raffle of 5 V570 digital cameras. My panget's stub was put in the fishbowl held my Mariel during the drawing for the 2nd camera. I knew it was a long shot for my panget to win. But since he was with me (his uber lucky charm) he had a good chance. I've never failed him, I swear - there's something with me and raffles (although I don't personally win{except for that ONE time I won US$800.00 in a Bingo game on an Alaskan cruise} - BUT, those that I'm with somehow win something) Then on the last draw - I saw in my head that my panget's number being called out - and surprisingly - it was called out!! Mon Albert, the general manager of Kodak Philippines said 'Stub number 02034'!! I looked at my panget and told him 'We won!!' He smiled (from ear to ear) and walked up the stage. Andrew - the host (since I introduced them during dinner) said my panget's name aloud when he saw him walk up the stage. He also mentioned my name but for some strange reason - I forgot what he said. But anyways, YES, for the nth time, my panget has won. To date - I've won my panget 2 digital cameras, some cash prizes, bags and etc. How about me?? Dammit?! Kawawa naman ako!!

To my panget - CONGRATULATIONS!!
*I told you I'm lucky!! :)

Farewell dinner...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Last night, my panget and I had dinner with his college buds at TOC (Top of the CITI). It's been a long time since I last saw them (I think it was Julie's baby shower), with the exception of Grace and of Barbs. This dinner was somewhat special because it was Grace and Francis' despedida - they're moving to New Zealand this Saturday.

When I heard the news, I was in disbelief, I couldn't believe that it was already March! I remember Grace telling us that the plan was that March - they're supposed to leave, but she was still unsure - maybe she was giving themselves a margin for error of some sort. Anyhoo, I received a message on friendster from Barbs, informing me of the despedida dinner and to get a bon voyage card and to remind my panget about it - of course, since Lolo Edmund is crippled(due to his recent torn ACL injury) he might forget. After reading the message, there was no feeling. But last night, when I saw Grace, the idea of her relocating sank in. Yes, she's really leaving and moving to New Zealand.

Since Barbs and Grace are best friends, I asked my panget candidly 'Mag-iiyakan ba sila?' To which he replied 'Makikita natin sa dinner' with a smirk on his face. I was expecting a little tears - but when we sat down at the dinner table, I asked Barbs and she said 'Iniyak ko na lahat yan' So, I guess she did cry, by her hubby's testimony - she cried buckets. That's understandable - because I went through the same ordeal - except of course my best friend came back naman. Barbs need not worry because there's the information gateway - the internet at her side. Whenever she feels the need to communicate with Grace - all she needs to do is turn of the computer and write away.

Barbs claims that she's cried all the tears - I beg to differ, I also thought I wouldn't cry anymore when my best friend left for Singapore - but as it turns out, when she called me from the airport - tears started welling up and I couldn't help but cry - cry buckets that is (in the middle of Greenhills - while shopping, mind you! My panget was clueless on why I was crying! When I told him who I was speaking with - he just smiled, sort of understood what was going on and told me 'May internet naman noh!' then hugged me) To be honest, I had a feeling na Grace was naiiyak na but trying her best not to shed a tear. But when Eleanor handed Grace her gift and opened it - she was super making pigil not to cry - but I can see that her eyes were becoming watery. Good thing no one cried, because if someone cried - it will cause a chain of events - everybody will start crying - me included. I feel kind of silly that I 'feel' for Grace and Barbs - I don't know why! I guess I'm emotional that way, I'm very empathetic - I even cry on TV commercials! Konti lang - luluha na.. (ask my panget - he swears by it!! promise!)

Barbs - it's okay, you can always visit Grace!! :) You can email one another pa! Good thing there's the internet - at least you can chat, email, or speak to one another. My panget is just a phone call or text away (if you want his company that is.. hehehe. :) ) Schedule a chat session! (I know it's juvenile - but I swear, it helps)
Grace - Bon Voyage!! As I promised, I will visit you - someday.. :) Have a nice time! Our next dinner would be in New Zealand na, with Barbs - hahahaha!! (nananaginip pa ata ako!!) Teach me the New Zealand accent! Hihi.. :) Sun Hong!! :) If you decide to come back to Manila - we'll all be here for you (kung gusto mo may mga matching banners and streamers pa at the airport!)
Tricia & Adrian - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm excited to see a mini-Adrian this time! :)


Monday, March 13, 2006

I know people hate people who eavesdrop. I on the otherhand, love to eavesdrop. But before you judge me - I need to clarify first the reason why I eavesdrop. Since I came back from Beijing, China - I have to admit - it became a hobby. At first, I didn't realize that I was eavesdropping.

It began when I went to Beijing to learn to speak Mandarin Upon arriving - I was clueless on what people around me were saying. I had to decipher the meaning by actions, making sounds, and by drawing (I am the worst ever artist! I cant even draw a nice stick figure!) I swear, the first month was the worst! I was literally in a foreign country where I could not understand what was being said, the signages were all in Chinese characters. Everything sounded and seemed alien to me. But after a few classes - I found myself understanding what people on the other table (in a restaurant) were saying. Then it hit me, I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD Mandarin!!

This is where my eavesdropping (hobby) began. I started listening in on converstations while on the subway, while inside a restaurant, inside the cafeteria, while walking around shopping. Even now - whenever I hear a conversation in Mandarin - I make it a point to eavesdrop - just to prove to myself that I can still understand the language. And proudly, I still do!

I can't describe how much I love the Mandarin language, I am fascinated by it and I dream in it (sometimes - they say that whichever language you dream in is the first language you learned - gets?) Anyways - thank god for Mandarin - I can understand Asianovelas, go shopping and haggle to death in China (while shopping at flea markets - my panget swears by my bargaining skills - I taught him and he swears it to be effective! - thanks Kath!!)

Here's to my missing Beijing, China and everything else Chinese!!

By the way - I also realized by watching a famous Asianovela 'Endless Love' that I understood the language. I realized this because on one part (actually in a lot of parts) I found myself crying because of a melancholic scene. Finally!!!

My fascination with American Idol

Friday, March 10, 2006

There's just something with me and singing contests, American Idol in particular. I can't help but watch it over and over and over again - I admit - I'm a huge huge fan! Ever since last year when Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice were admitted to the roster, I felt that AI has accepted musicians from all genres and at least stretched the age group a bit (compared to before) This year, I missed out on watching the auditions - I wasn't able to see who stood out from the rest in the beginning - it was just last week, that I was able to catch AI.

Funny how, (again) a rocker caught my fancy - He's none other than Chris Daughtry - yes, the bald, kinda sexy-ish, roker-ish guy. He can sing man, he really can. I really don't know why I'm partial to those rocker/alternative 'songers' but I am. I just love the way their voice sounds when its all husky and bordering somewhat coarse - but still you can hear the good singing voice. At last weeks performance, I was impressed - very much impressed in fact of Chris' version of 'Hemorrage' by Fuel. He kicked ass - literally - and just like what Simon Cowell said - it was the night's best performance. But last night - there was someting missing - you ask me what? I ask you back - 'What was missing?' I can't seem to pin point what it was exactly but his performance lacked something - something 'magical' I guess, something that can pull the audience into his performance. I was kinda disappointed though - because I feared that he might get eliminated. Thank God, he's not!!

Here are my observations (since I was a late bloomer)

Ace Young kinda reminds me of a long haired Jake Gyllenhaal
Taylor Hicks is a dead ringer for a 'young' Jay Leno!
Will Macar looks like Fred Savage - but is cuter!
Gedeon McKinney's features are similar with Martin Laurence's spoof for the pizza delivery guy in the movie Blue Streak!

Here comes the Top 12!! Yeah!

Let's go TEAM CHRIS!!!

my SHU UEMURA loot!!

Yesterday, I received my winnings from being chosen as the 'Letter of the Month' for OK! Magazine. Upon seeing the small bag - I was delighted - because it was from SHU UEMURA!!! Who would have thought I'd win something from SHU UEMURA!! I can't get over it!! I swear, I can't!!! Here's the list of my loot - pictures will follow (since I'm kinda tamad to upload them pa) - instead I will borrow pics and links from the Shu Uemura website!! :)

Sweet Mode Palette

Sweet Lip Gloss - Daisy

Glow On - Sugar

Eye Light Pencil - Light Yellow/Light Blue

False Eyelashes Sweet Mode
PHP 0.00 (Free)

My Total Winnings(savings):

Special thanks to Frances Amper of OK! Magazine

Prayers and Issues..

People have a lot of issues - and I am one of them. There are days that I feel happy and some days I feel like I'm so worthless. Am I crazy? Well, I guess a little bit - isn't everyone? My friends tell me this feeling is the 'BURNT OUT' feeling - I ask them how they know - they reply with 'Parang ganyan ang burn out eh!' How come I didn't see it coming?

I feel pressured - not because I am being pressured but because of the things I feel that I need to do since I'm the eldest (daughter). I need to be responsible enough, good enough, organized enough - that sometimes - it's so tiring. Why can't the other be more responsible? Why do I need to worry about him? The answer - because I'm his elder sister - and I can't help but feel responsible, I spoil him at times - but where do I draw the line? I'm just a sister, not a parent. Do you get my drift? I feel like it's a lost cause, but the thing that I hate most is that - the fact that I can't get over it! Argh... I hate the feeling!! Dammit!

There are days I wake up happy - then there are days I wake up feeling sad or that the day will go bad one way or another. As a result - I've started praying whenever I wake up - and it helps - for some reason - it helps me a lot! I never thought that I'd be like this 'prayerful' I never expected it to happen, it just did. I'm what you call - Catholic-following person - I pray, I admit I'm Catholic - but I seldom go to Mass. I feel that one should go to Mass wholeheartedly - and not because you need to. Whenever I go to Mass - I see people sleeping, chatting and not listening - what's the point? You want God to see you present? WTF right?! But, let's not get too much into that topic - that's another good blog entry - hehehe!! Anyways, I learned from watching PBBCE (Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition) thru Coney Reyes - she mentioned that every morning before her day starts - she prays 'Please give me strength, and all that I need to get through the day' - I have been doing this everyday - and the result - I've become more peaceful somehow.

Praying and prayers help. They help a lot! :)

Dessert First..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Whenever I go and eat buffet, I always check out the desserts being served. There are times that I go through them first before the main courses. I'm partial to sweets (but not to chocolates - I hate them to death!!) and crave for something sweet every so often. While browsing through Carlo Celdran's blog - I found this site! Dessert First - all I can say is - Yummy yummy yummy!! All of a sudden - I wanted cakes and anything sweet!!

(Click above to see the picture)
It's so tempting right? Imagine having to attend a small get together with fellow foodies! Instant sugar high!! Too bad tickets were already sold out. Dog dammit!! I hope that next time, I'll be luckier!! Sweet cravings - damn!!

Dana Reeves, 44 dies of Lung Cancer

When I saw the news on TV - I felt heartbroken. Heartbroken because Just a few months back I saw her interview with Oprah. She seemed like a very strong woman, fit to be Superman's wife. They have a child named Will, and at a young age, Will lost his father - 1 year and 5 months ago, and now his mother - 7 months after she announced that she had lung cancer.

It was quite weird because Dana Reeve never smoked! Damn, cigarettes!!

Rest in Peace dear Dana - you'll strength and dedication will not be forgotten.

Galileo Enoteca

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Have you heard of this place? Well, it's a deli/restaurant that's well tucked in the streets of Mandaluyong - Calbayog street to be exact. I got lost trying to look for this place last night - well, because the street numbers were jumping from 40 to 469 to 151 down to 2! It was only when I called Berly to ask for directions did I found the place. It was packed - they were fully booked, but I managed to get a table 15 minutes later.

It was a very small deli - really small - but kind of deep. They served pasta dishes, cheese, wines and lots more. A set menu will cost you Php400.00 - not bad right? It's inclusive of:
A glass of wine
Ham, Salami platter
Cheese platter
Main course (you can choose from 3 different pastas)

The food was OK - nothing spectacular, the service was so-so, but the conversation - great!! To Berly, Lyn, and Ian - sa uulitin??

Ya, think?!?!

Letter of the Month!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was shocked to see portions of my letter printed out on the Letter of the Month section of this month's OK! Magazine. I was told thru email that I should watch out for the March 2006 issue, but I was merely expecting to see more of Brangelina, and indeed the cover featured the now public Brangelina. Carefully reading and turning EVERY page, I was astonished to see MY name! My name?! (Can you believe it??!!) On the magazine!! My email was chosen as Letter of the Month! And not only that, I won a great great great prize!! My ultimate favorite make-up brand!! Shu Uemura!!!! Yeah baby!!!

Until now, I'm still reeling from the shock - thanks to OK! Magazine, Frances Amper and of course.. Brangelina!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Imma!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Imma!!

Happy Birthday Vany!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Happy Happy Happy Birthday


Friday, March 03, 2006

JACOB, originally uploaded by candishhh.

This is Jacob - the youngest member of our family. He's uber cute, playful, naughty, always hungry, loves to bite, and more!

Isn't he cute?!

American Idol 5

While watching the AI5 auditions - I did not find a favorite of mine but then at last night's performance.. I can say... I have one now!! He is Chris Daughtry - when I heard him sing Fuel's Hemorrage- OH MY GAWD!! I was pulled - pulled as in I watched closely and man - is he goooooood!!!

I'm partial to rockers, yes - I am! There's a certain tug when I hear them sing alternative songs! I really don't know why..

Let's go TEAM CHRIS!!!!