what is HAPPINESS to you??

Thursday, February 02, 2006

'So, what is happiness to you?'

This question has been asked to me a dozen times by friends after watching Cameron Crowe's flick 'Vanilla Sky'. So, (short pause) what is happiness to you?

Well, I just got back from the Quezon City Postal office in Nia Road - you may wonder why I was there - well, I was picking up a package that was sent to me by a friend in the US. I was falling in line at window 37 (because it was written in the notice I received Monday), I was supposed to be the next one to be entertained when this pretty lady passed me and gave her notice to the woman on the counter! Of course, since I queued up, I expected to be next to be served, but no - the woman at the counter DID NOT MIND what she saw, she just looked down, wrote something on a piece of paper and went on entertaining the one who made singit! For some strange reason, I did utter a word (for those who know me - dapat by this time nakikipag-away na ako! haha..) I just waited patiently - it was the girl who was behind me that was kind of nag-ngingitngit since she will have to wait a few more seconds right? Me naman, I just waited - waited for the Postal Service employee to give me a receipt that says that I need to pay PHP35.00 for inspection of my package. So I paid the cashier, and with goodwill gave her 3 pcs of the SMINT candy I got for free at Kym's event in Mezze last January 26. She smiled at me and said thanks.

Going back to the woman who cut in line, shempre she was ahead of me in getting her package, so I made it a point to make ganti and 'cut' her din when her item comes. As I was about to do so, (we were both on the pick-up counter) when her package arrived, the custodian opened her box to see what was inside. Inside was a note written in BIG BOLD letters with a message 'KAMUSTA KAYO DIYAN? WAG NYO AKONG ALA-LA-HANIN, MABUTI AKO DITO, KAMUSTA NAMAN KAYO?' That was all that's written on the note and inside the box were food/goodies from Japan. The pretty girl upon reading the note and seeing the items inside the box, her eyes started to well up with tears! Her facial expression was unexplainable - it was a mix of delight and shock! She was so teary eyed and announced to us 'Ganyan talaga sha, laging nagpapadala ng pagkain' She was so happy! I knew she was happy because I can feel it and see it. Strange but I swear, I was really happy for her even if she cut me kanina. Seeing and experiencing all this - I forgot na my intention of making ganti! Haha!! Weird noh? But I guess there was a reason why I wasn't too irritated when she cut me in line a while ago. Well, I'm glad to see - that is what happiness is to her is - receiving that certain package with a note and food/goodies.

So, I ask you now...... What is happiness to you? :)

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  1. Hi there! I just saw your comment in my blog. Thanks ... I love the name Sabine, too and I'm glad my baby's a girl because I've always loved this name. Take care! =)