Meeting Dr. Canlas

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I never wake up early on Saturdays - NEVER - but today, I needed to - because 'my' panget needed to go to the doctor at 9am. So I had to be at Panget's house early to drive him to St. Lukes. And so I went - super nagmamadali magpahatid - and while driving to St. Lukes - 'my' panget was like a back-seat driver. EVERY LITTLE THING I DO may pangaral - like do this and do that - dito ka sa lane na ito or whatever. I was getting pissed (and nervous) kasi I couldn't drive properly! So I told him to hush up. My only problem in driving is that I HATE parking - I really don't know how! I only know how to park with the front first. HE INSISTED THAT I DO THE BACK FIRST!!!!!!! So shempre - pinag-pawisan ako diba? But I'm proud to say that I got it in just 1 try! O diba? Improvement right?? (Super na yan!!) And so we walked towards St. Lukes - I had to go get his MRI results first - and when I got them and handed them to Panget - he read aloud the interpretation proudly and with a smile - IT IS ANOTHER ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament)! I really don't know if he was being sarcastic (his usual self) or not! So as we entered the rehab center of St. Lukes - we were greeted by the ever smiling and pretty Marikit - the secretary/sexy-tary of Dr. Raul Canlas. When she saw Panget all she could say was 'Again?' - and told us to wait outside till Dr. Canlas arrives. And so we waited. For about 15 minutes. When Dr. Canlas entered his office - he was welcomed by 3 patients one of whom I recognized because he used to play for UST in the UAAP (halata bang UAAP fan?) - I think his name is Gilbert Lao he was with 2 other people. I think we were the 8th to wait to be served, but take note - each consultation only took about 5-10 minutes.

When we were called into the room - Dr. Canlas gave me a look that sort of meant 'Nanaman?' I was laughing - deep inside lang - his office was really simple - then I saw an Ateneo Plaque (argh.. rival school!!) then he began inspecting Panget's right knee - upon seeing the swelling he uttered the words I dreaded 'It's definitely another ACL' then looked at me and said 'Ikaw kasi, hindi mo inaalagaan' Grr... ako pa tuloy ang may kasalanan - when in fact I never failed to tell Panget to stretch and not to 'pilit' to play if he feels his knee getting stiff - pero he's so STUBBORN and won't listen to me. Ako pa ang napag-sabihan. Hmph!! Anyways - Dr. Canlas was nice enough to show me what ACL was - he made Panget relax both his legs - he had one hand a little above the knee and the other hand a little below the knee and moved it in opposite directions - it didn't move at all. He said because there were screws inside already to hold it in place. Then he moved to the 'swollen' knee and did the same.. AND IT MOVED!! Kadiri talaga!!! As in It really moved!! Parang nawala sa place yung knee nya!! Waaaaaaaaaaah!! Good thing I didn't faint! Or else - no one can save me from the fall!! haha.. He was really nice - I mean he let me understand what ACL meant and what it literally looked like! Anyhoo - he just told us that the operation will be different - it'll be a smaller incision this time and instead of a long screw - he'll be using a smaller one and a plate - he also said that in 3 days - 'my' Panget will be able to do his normal daily tasks - again. I do hope so! But wait, there's another clincher - I asked him when Panget had his surgery on his righ leg - Dr. Canlas looked at Panget's chart and told me with a big smile on his face 'EXACLTY THREE YEARS AGO!' Dogdammit!! Talagang tinaon pa sa Anniversary ng first ACL nya diba? Anak ng tipaklong talaga - o!!

After this consultation - Panget told me 'My knee hurts - better get the car I'll meet you at the lobby' - Of course, I willingly obliged - INJURED kasi eh. And after, we went to QC to have an early lunch - ginugutom na raw kasi sha. And once again, I had to park the car - I told Panget 'Na-over na ang quota ko for parking for 1 day!!' I will be experiencing cold sweats and withdrawal symptoms pag may 3rd time pa!

I hope Panget gets his surgery as soon as possible - to get it over and done with, right? :)


  1. Model gf ka talaga! I made Denzell read your blog and sabi niya bakit di ko daw yon ginagawa for him!!! hahahahahahahahha!!!

  2. magka-ACL muna sha! Haha..