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I've heard of so many horror stories from dissatisfied MANGO clients, I've read a certain email on the bad treatment or should I say 'unfair' treatments of MANGO'S management. I myself am a victim of such 'unfair-ness' of Mango. Last 2003, I bought a pair of pants that were on SALE at the Glorietta Branch - the pants cost around 1.3K - since it was on sale, I bought it because the fit was really nice. A few days after my purchase I was at the Shangri-la branch, trying my best to look for a good steal (do not take this literally). I chanced upon the same pair of pants I bought - Lo and behold, I saw the price tag - the sale price was P899.00 - DAMN! i got sa irritated that I went to the cashier and told her that I bought the exact same pair in Glorietta for 1.3K and here it was just P899.00! She told me that the SALE PRICES OF ITEMS VARIES IN EVERY STORE - how can this be so? Aren't ALL items in ALL their stores have THE SAME price tags? I was answered by a 'Eh ganon po eh!' This irritated me much more! SINCE THEN I SWORE OFF GOING IN THEIR STORES - I've boycotted their store since then - and NEVER will I go back.. mark my words - NEVER!! Sorry to all MANGO fans - but whenever I see people rushing to go to MANGO whenever they're on SALE - Lagi ko nalang naiisip ' NILOLOKO LANG KAYO NG MANGO - Kung alam nyo lang.. Hindi nyo yan pupuntahan every time'

My good friend Imma, her husband and their daughter was a recent victim of Mango, below is my friend's narration of what exactly happened to them.

Raphie is the daughter of my friend Imma - she just turned 2 last July 31, 2006

Around 3:30 to 4:00 PM , December 04, Sunday, I , I went in Mango Glorietta 2. Between the time mentioned, Raphie was running within the establishment along with other children (as kids often do in presence of others) and she slipped and landed on one of the shops display racks. The display rack unfortunately had a had a sharp edge enough to slash-open Raphie’s chin.She bled profusely resulting from a 2.5cm laceration on her chin prompting us to bring her to the clinic above Mercury Drug Store in Glorietta for emergency first aid treatment. We are aware of our responsibility as parents, so a fall or two, a bruise , even the ugly ones are things we can set aside , But an open chin? A 30 minute surgery by a plastic surgeon? That’s another thing. That rack must have been that sharp or else, Raphie would have not sustained anything more than an ugly bruise or a severe scratch maybe. So no one has the right to downplay my emotions ( a mother ,at least) after seeing my daughter being laid on an operating table , while her surgeon and the anesthesiologist are prepping up and put on a gas mask on her. I can’t explain in words the pain it caused me seeing her slowing drifting to sleep knowing when she wakes up she will have a scar she will live with for a very long time. After all these things, all I get is a stone cold response from a supposed Manager in the Head Office with not a hint of compassion and apology to what happened. Any trained manager know customer complaints must be dealt with properly by first Diffusing the anger/emotion and say “sorry for what happened but we will look into what happened and will do give you a call” Even fastfood restaurants treat customers better. The incident happened in their store, they should be responsible to whatever racks they use to ensure that whoever hits there will not be slashed open! This woman, Ayie Guilberto did not even say “sori maam, I didn’t know what happened, but we will look into it” That would have made any mother feel a little better. Had we been an ayala or a cojuangco, do you think they’ll just brush us aside like that? I don’t think so.
So I wrote the Mango President/owner…only after almost 4 weeks did he reply on a “printed” not official, letterhead , (seems like a scratch paper with markings at the back) put in an envelop one can buy in a sari sari store. He was telling me it was fault! He didn’t even address my complaints regarding one of his managers. To add insult to injury, he sent me a cheap looking Mango Shirt I wouldnt buy even if it were on 80% sale . I mean, after he told me it was my fault , he actually thought a shirt will just calm me, I was more infuriated, sana wala nalang tshirt. I spent more than that in his stores, and definitely spent more in Cardinal Santos Hospital.

Even a popular young female fashion designer told me one time she had to return a pair of jeans coz they gave her the wrong size, it still had a price tag and all..receipt pa…the sales people refused to change it until they reached to the operations manager…

That’s why I will rather wear the cheapest shirt I can find in SM stores or surplus than items in mango, kahit sale pa sila ng 80%, if they give out shirts, I ‘ll be happy to give them to the basureros so they can give them to their wives…That’s how I hate Mango. Don’t go to Polo Garage too..same group so same culture.

Now with this incident - I think you'd want to think TWICE and even THRICE whenever you're about to enter MANGO. What if this happend to you a few years from now? Would you still go and purchase items from their store?

There's another incident that happend to a fellow GirlTalker Javanilla - here's her story. Read it and spread the word.

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