Gaining Wisdom

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Everyday is new learning experience. This holds true for everyone - but for me, since turning 26 - it has been magnified. I never thought that I will literally learn something new each day - but just last night I came to understand what 'learning' exactly meant. I guess learning comes with age, and since I'm a year older - I have the past 365 days to thank for - because I'm a better, stronger person now than I was a year ago.

I'm always in awe whenever I hear very sensible advice. Parang - why didn't I think of that? My mom always tells me - wisdom comes with age - because its the experience that molds you. You become brighter, smarter, wiser, and more mature. The things that bothered you a few years ago becomes a laughing matter now. It's something to be learned.


It's so odd - that being a Catholic - I seldom go to Mass and pray - My 2006 New Year's resolution is to pray more and develop a better relationship with the God - since then I've been praying and trying to go to church whenever I can. To tell you the truth - I've never been calmer than I am now - I'm more at peace with things (with exceptions of mood bursts and PMS) - I never thought I'd say this but PRAYING REALLY HELPS. It takes away the negative vibe in me thus making those around me become more positive. I'm a pessimist - I really am - but now, somehow that's slowly changing. It's really weird how I see good things with the bad. I realized (while watching Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition) that there is good in everyone, no exceptions. I just hope the 'goodness' in us will never run out. :)

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