Di na natuto..

Thursday, February 23, 2006

These were the words uttered by Nurse Fatima at Dr. Wee's office at about 3pm this afternoon. I was there because 'my' panget - hurt his knee - again. He asked me to accompany him to the doctor - because he can't move very well - take note that I am the PERFECT alalay - kasi asikaso to the max! I think 2 steps ahead! Hahaha.. :)

Last night - at about 11pm - I got a text message from Panget - saying that he hurt his left knee and is on the way to the Orthopedic Hospital in Banawe. Of course I was worried, and so I called him - my first words were 'WHAAAAAAAAAAAt??????' He just laughed upon hearing me sweetly scream. He just replied 'Eh ganon eh!' Fine, he's okay - but... another injury?? Although he said that it didn't feel like another ACL - but he wanted to know for sure too. And so we went to Dr. Wee's office at St. Lukes. He just calmy said 'ACL na yan' i-MRI natin to make sure. I called the secretary at our office to schedule an MRI for tomorrow - Friday - the earliest possible time. And the earliest was - 5pm - because 'my' panget has already a titanium metal screw on his right knee - he needed a special machine or else the force of the magnet will - I don't know what - to the machine 'delikado' raw sabi ni technician Ricky.

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