Close to you...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

There’s nothing I won’t try, Just to make you mine, To get a little closer, Would be so divine, And everytime i see you, You make me come undone, I always want you near me, In you I found the one

Oh why don’t you smile my only star
Shine on baby
Smile my only star

With you by my side, And girl it feels so right, And now that im close to you, I could stay all night, No matter where I go, No matter what I do, In the end your smile, Brings me back to you, You shine so true, I can’t believe you’re mine, And everything may change, But to me you’ll always shine

I know it's cheesy - but hell.. I WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE SO BADLY! My oh-so-loving 'Panget' REFUSES to watch this with me - he says he wouldn't be caught dead watching this!! At least I have a good friend - embodied by Imma - and she's willing to watch with me.. and since she's the ONLY ONE who's willing to watch this movie with me, I WILL MAKE HER LIBRE!!! :) Yes!! Hahaha... 'Panget' - beat that!! :)

It's strange (I know!!) that whenever I see Sam Milby (buo pa talaga yung name eh noh?) I get all smiley and kilig!! I swear - I still haven't gotten over the fact that he literally 'escaped' me in Glorietta.. Dog Dammit!!


  1. Didi- my mom wants to watch that movie din!!!!! Hahahaha Go didi!!

  2. when it's tagalog.. dial I.M.M.A..