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Monday, February 27, 2006

You should hear that line being said by Michael Scofield of the new series (na kinalolokohan ko) Prison Break. It was to die for!! Super kinilig ako, I swear!!

PRISON BREAK - is the latest series that I am obsessed with. I already saw the WHOLE first season - which consists of 13 episodes. Kinda short huh? But hell, it was worth all the late night watching! I finished the series in 2 days! Considering that I bought my copy just last Saturday afternoon! And by last night I was done!!

The series involves a number of characters that you won't usually see together (given that they're out of the walls) - there's a theif - Sucre and C-Note, a pedophile - T-Bag, a mobster - John Abruzzi, a notorious hijacker/theif - Charles Westmoreland aka DB Cooper, a death row inmate - Lincoln Burrows and a thief/structural engineer - Michael Scofield. These are working together for a common goal - that is to break out of prison. And who's idea is it?? The brilliant engineer of course!! The main man, Michael Scofield!

I can't wait for the next season!! I really can't!!!

I love you Michael Scofield!! I love you even if you're inside the prison! I will break you out! Hahaha...:)

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