withdrawal symptoms of a MASSAGE ADDICT

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I've been missing my TWICE a week dose of body massages - the reason for this would be the parties and functions that I've been attending. Since just a month ago it officially became the Christmas Season - parties crept up from nowhere, and the next thing you know - holiday na (as in walang work).

Of course Holidays are holidays too for masseuses diba? So for 3 weeks now, I've MISSED my massage days. Firstly - because of the parties I've been accompanying Edmund to (I'm not complaining - basta ba may FREE food, GAME ON!! - and in fairness, I've won Edmund a ton of prizes like a digicam to name one) Second - because of the LEGAL holidays and Third - because the masseuse is on vacation!! (I know.. I need to be more understanding - EVERYONE deserves a break..)

So I'm really looking forward to this Thursday night - beacause Thursday nights are official MASSAGE nights here at home.

I think I'm having withdrawal symptoms from not getting my massages for over a month!! My lower back is killing me, my shoulders are getting SUPER sore and many more aches and pains here and there - these are the symptoms of not having my weekly dose of massage. I said to myself before na I'd lessen my massage days to once a week nalang. But at this point, it seems IMPOSSIBLE for me to do that. I need one BADLY!!!

So on Thursday.... WALANG DAPAT MANG-GULO SA AKIN AFTER WORK!!! Hahaha... Just kidding!!

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