Why is it so HARD to wake up in the morning???

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Since I was small, I found it hard to wake up in the morning, especially if there's school/work. But whenever it's a Saturday morning, my body wakes up automatically and ironically - early - like about 8am!

Can anyone explain this to me? I mean up until now, I find it so damn hard waking up for work!! Argh...

I still remember vividly whilst in Beijing's Winter 2002, Kath, Maymay and I found it EXTRA HARD to get up in the morning! We'd synchronize our alarm clocks to go off one by one. Depending of course on who need to use the bathroom first! During the first half of my stay in Beijing - I was the first one up. Walang paltos yan, but as the weather grew cooler to colder, I was always the last to get up. I'd stay in bed call May May's name - tell her to wake up because I've decided not to go to my first class. She'll either tell me that she's also tamad to get up or that she'll be going to class. I remember us both trying to make excuses not to go to class - saying it's unimportant, or whatever. Hahaha!! And in the end - May May - sorry ah!! But nahawa sha with me. We began to cut class.. I mean really cut class!! Hahaha.. Thank god - hindi over cut!

I remember this one time, I had accepted a teaching job that required me to be at the school's front gate by 7:00am. Since it was good money, I accepted it. Accompanying me to teach is a friend from Russia named David (Da Wei - in Chinese - I never got his contact details - but wherever you are.. I'm looking for you!! Alch thinks this David guy likes me somehow - ewan ko kung bakit, but in fairness - he's cute! Haha) Anyways, I had to wake up at about 6:00am to take a bath - at that time it was still super dark! As I was wearing my winter jackets, gloves, and bonnet ready to go down the apartment complex, I was shocked to see that it was still very dark. Parang it was mga midnight pa! A few cars were out, and almost walang tao sa streets - ghost town kunwari. Anyways, I biked to school amid the cold weather and lighting conditions. Sobrang pinilit ko talaga to wake up early, I mean it still good money. All I had to do was speak to the students in English or if I'm tamad, we'll just make kwento. They'll ask me questions about my so-called-life in the US and I'd make up stories to keep them entertained! Haha.. GAnun lang.. :)

Anyways, back to my topic... Until now, even if it's NOT as cold as it was in Beijing, I still find it super hard to wake up in the morning. I always feel that I've not slept enough.

P.S. I'm writing this now kasi inaantok na ako. I know I've been jumping from one topic to another. You can see why - I'm sleepy and my thoughts are kinda scattered na. Edmund's still playing poker - last round na raw.

BTW - To all those who bought Water Bottles from me, I give you my HEARTFELT thanks. Thanks so much for helping me out!! I especially want to mention Chris and Selene - they're my 2 TOP buyers!! - I love you both dearly!! Mwah mwah mwah!!

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