SMC Girls - Lunch at Conti's

Saturday, January 21, 2006

For this FIRST TIME since we became friends I WAS THE FIRST ONE at our venue - Conti's Greenhills!! I thought I was already late as I left the house at about 12:30pm and got to Conti's at 12:45pm. As I entered the place I was expecting to see Shirley, Gue, Cherry, Carol, Carissa, Mira and Bobot - I was also expecting to hear Mira say 'Diba ang usapan was 12:30pm lunch?' But I got shocked to discover that THEY WERE NOT YET IN THE RESTAURANT. I looked at my watch to check the date and time. I was thinking that maybe I went on the wrong day, maybe it was next Saturday! And so I called Shirley to ask where she was. She answered my call and apologized immediately saying that they're all on their way since nagpasundo pa si Cherry and CArol kay Gue sa Binondo - then dadaanan pa sha in QC before coming over. I was thinking - teka, parang matagal pa ah.. But ok lang since the place was PACKED as in literally PACKED ok? I was waiting for a table for 8 and I was number 8 pa! Grabe diba? The place was kinda small lang kasi and I guess they just opened recently. So I just waited. Shirley called me to say na Mira, Bobot and Carissa were all on their way to the restaurant. Ako naman, I didn't mind the wait but I was really super sleepy pa kasi - I went to watch the BSB COncert the night before. So, anyways - ayun.. so I waited.. waited till about 1:15pm when Carissa called to look for me inside the restaurant. She missed me kasi - I was reading the newspaper that time (reading the BSB interview of Ricky Lo) then we got to make kwento and catch up on things.. parang ang tagal na naming hindi nag-uusap ni Carissa!! Anyways - everyone arrived at 2:00pm complete na kami by that time.

- the food was really GREAT!!
- Mira & Bobot - do I hear wedding bells?? :)
- Gue - you look so nice... Blooming.. Yiheeeeee!!
- it was nice to see and catch up with everyone!!
- sa uulitin - but next time - SURE na ako, hindi ako mauunang dumating!! I'm always late!! hahaha... :)

I'll post pics as soon as Carol sends them to me.. Hehehe... :)

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