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Friday, January 27, 2006

Had dinner last night with Kym, Selene and C at PEOPLE'S PALACE in Greenbelt 3. When I got there I was impressed because the interior was so simple yet very elegant looking. The food was DELISH, I love Thai food (although my tolerance for spiciness is super low) I loved what we ate. I loved all the dishes we ordered! Yummy Yummy Yummy!! I want to go back soon!!! (*hint*hint) haha!! Thanks Kym!! It was a wonderful suggestion... (Here I am craving for more!! Hahaha...)

After dinner we then went to M Cafe to get dessert, C was raving about the 'Jackfruit Cake' so we were convinced to give it a try. And it was MASRAP!! I'm not a fan of 'Langka' or 'Jackfruit' but the taste was so mild na super bagay for a sansrival! Tsalap tsalap din.

While munching on the dessert we got to talk. C asked Kym 'What's music to you'. I was a bit confused on what he meant by the question. It was when he explained thoroughly - that I understood what he meant and take note.. I WAS AMAZED AT THE BRILLIANCE OF THE ANALOGY.

This is what C said (not verbatim ah)
For Selene she recalls her memories through her photo albums, pictures are there to summarize her memories. Each picture is significant because it embodies a certain memory. But for C, Selene's photo album is his iPod/Music. For every music/song that he has - attached is a certain memory. Not just one memory - but a whole string of events and details. I was amazed when I heard him explain - it was like - 'ang galing!' I didn't think of it that way!! He said that whenever he hears a particular song - he'll recall what he did, who he was with, where he was, and what 'era'(-it sounds so old! haha) it represented - it even takes him at that certain point in his life!! Imaginative huh?! Well, galing right??!! Just like the BSB Concert we went to last Friday - He said that it was represensative of a part of his life.. He's not that particular of the BSB, but of their songs - because the songs have memories attached with them.

Thinking about what he said - I thought to myself - whenever I hear any BSB song - I'll forever associate it with Selene and C - I guess because they went with me - I enjoyed it soooooo much (till now, I swear C and Selene - I HAVEN'T THANKED YOU GUYS ENOUGH!! I STILL OWE YOU BIG TIME!! - walang katapusan!!)

But seriously - songs/music represent a certain part of our lives - memories of certain events, person, life-changing moment and more. Now that he's explained what music meant to him - parang ganyan din ata ako - but not so much - since, when I got back from Beijing - I wasn't updated na with what's new and what's hot. Hahaha!! I was like trapped in a certain era hindi na umusbong pa. Stagnant nalang.

A nice analogy noh? Wala lang - I just did not think about it like that. Ang galing!! Haha...

Have a nice weekend everyone!! :)

**Don't forget to drink the daily recommended 8 glassed of water a day! (Hence, )

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