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Saturday, January 14, 2006


I just need to say this.. I AM SO VERY HAPPY THAT THESE TWO ARE GETTING IN ON!! Yeah baby!! Ever since I saw the movie 'Mr&Mrs Smith' I got hooked on seeing them together. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM TOGETHER!! They're so perfect! Although I LOVE the series FRIENDS - I still don't feel the connection to Jennifer Aniston (feeling close! - haha) But seriously, these two people are perfect for one another (in my opinion - because they look good together!) They're so PICTURE-able (pronounced as picturable - if there's such a word) Seeing them photographed together sends tingles!! Kinikilg ako - I swear, it's true!! I try and STOP myself from purchasing ALL the glossies that have their pictures on the front page! But of course, who would resist buying the January 2006 issue of the local franchise of OK! Magazine I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE COVER!! Waaaaaaaaaaaah!! I can look at it for months!!! Hahaha.. I think I'm part of who's to blame for the cover(as all of those who filled up the survey and said that they wanted MORE and MORE on Brangelina), as I willingly filled up a survey form that Ms. Frances Amper of SummitMedia sent me (nag-fe-feeling na-naman ako!!) But thanks Frances for the emails - it's nice to know that readers at least have a say on some things.. :) Hehe..

*Now, I wonder what the child would look like - Makes me remember what Pheobe Buffay said when Joey and Charlie were dating (Friends, Season 10) 'With her looks and Joey's sexual magnetism - these nerds will get laaiiiiiii-d!' But seriously - I can just imagine the impact - think - Brad Pitt in Troy - and Lara Croft mized together - gosh.... the PERFECT genetic evolution!! Hahaha..

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