dinner with Ches and Mark

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I had a great time tonight dinning at Chilis with Ches, Mark and the whole BLCU 2002 1st sem gang - Kath, Denz, May May, Brian, Althia, Bang, Mark, and myself.

Ches and Mark became the guests of honor because they're here for the holidays. Mark works for URC in Shang-Hai, while Ches was in Shang-Hai for studies.

Had fun you guys!!

Ches - If there's a U2 concert, I'm sure to visit you ins Sing! And aslo if there's a DIRT CHEAP fare going to Singapore - be assured that I'll be pulling you and MayMay to eat with me at Boon Tong Kee and Din Tai Fung.. Hehehe.. Nice see you again Ches!!! (sa next URCC ulit ah!! Hahaha!!)

Mark - If and when I go visit Beijing, I'll make sure to visit you in Shang-Hai, even if it means travelling by train(I love the trains!! No Joke..) to get to Shang-Hai.. Nice seeing you too!!

Melissa - Like what I said.. If there's a DIRT CHEAP fare... GAME ON!! Pero if majority wins and Singapore is the destination.. FINE, let's just eat at Boon Tong Kee everyday ok? Just Kidding!! See you in a couple of months!!! Yehey!!

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